Thursday, September 8, 2011

Need Advice? Call one of my sisters!...written by Judi

Facebook is reliable right?  I mean, if you see something listed on facebook you should definitely believe it.  (I just choked as I wrote that lie, but Mike gave me the Heimlich so I am good to go.)

Anyways, a few days ago I saw that it was National Sisters Week because someone posted on facebook that it was.  I didn't even double check to see if it was National Sisters Week, I just believed it.  I like to pretend we live in trusting society :)

So Happy National Sisters Week (see, now you believe it too...because I told you so :)

In honor of "supossed" National Sisters Week, I thought I would say some awesome things about my sisters and sisters in general.

So here is a tribute to all Sisters, but mostly My Sisters.

p.s. Can you do a p.s. in the middle of writing instead of the end, because this is an afterthought that I want included in the middle of my post.  I just made it official.  You are now allowed to do a "p.s." in the middle of your post/letter.  Ok. So here's my middle-after-thought.  My Dear Grandma Haws passed away last week.  She was almost 92 years old and I will miss her always being there.  She lived next to me my entire life.  She was a great woman.  I recently read in her life history book that every day she would wake up and work really hard so that she could get all of her housework done and meet her 5 sisters at her moms house.  They would meet every day at 10:00 a.m. and let the kids play while they visited.  How fun!  Here is a poem that she wrote that they read at her funeral. 


Dishes and windows can wait till tomorrow,
'Cause time passes by, we have learned to our sorrow.
So, quiet down, cobwebs; dust, go to sleep,
I'm visiting sisters, 'cause sisters don't keep.

After the funeral, all of my sisters and I gathered around and said, "Hey, we want to meet everyday at 10:00 a.m. and visit!"  We were jealous and sad that we don't all live next to each other.  We would love to leave our cobwebs and dust and visit sisters! But alas, we can't.  We live too far away and we have too many responsibilites.  But, we do talk on the phone and keep in touch better than most.  One of the best things about having 6 sisters, is that someone can always help you and understand!  Advice is just waiting to be given. 

Here's to leaving our cobwebs and calling on the phone for some much needed advice, comfort, and uplifting conversation.  Want to know what I call my sisters to talk about?  I knew you would.

Sunee- I call Sunee when I need to hear a cheery voice and to have someone who is willing to just talk and jabber away.  You can always count on Sunee to talk.  She is good at talking :)  I can also get a lot of sympathy from Sunee because she is ten years ahead of me.  She knows what I am going through, because she went through it ten years ago!  Sunee is fun!

Katie- I love Katie.  She is hilarious.  I love to call Katie when I have a question on anything practical.  She will tell you how it is.  You have a sinus infection, do this.  You can't stand William being so active, do this.  Katie knows what she wants and she does just that.  I love that!  I want to be just like that.

Rindi- Rindi is my 7 year older twin.  We are so similar in so many ways.  We mother our children similarly.  We both watch a lot of sports center with our husbands.  And we both hate being pregnant :) I love to call Rindi and to talk about how we don't know the best way to handle a situation, but oh well, life goes on. We laugh about it and move on.  Rindi is awesome.

Are you still reading? I have a LOT of sisters.

Stalee- Everybody wants to be Stalee's friend and I will tell you why.  Stalee is so real.  I feel like I know the real Stalee.  She never judges.  I can tell her anything and know she will keep it confidential.   She is fun and she always uplifts me.  I love talking to Stalee (and so does everybody else...sometimes you have to get in line to talk to stalee :)

Joni- I was always competing with Joni growing up, but I don't try to compete anymore because she surpassed me a long time ago.  She is a GREAT mother.  Joni doesn't try to correct your faults (and I have many) she just continues to be your friend.  She is kind and giving and she has a beautiful new baby (I'm jealous!).

Millie- I love Millie!  Millie keeps me young :)  I love to talk gossip (whoops...not gossip.  I don't gossip.) Watch chick-flicks.  Play games.  Do crazy things.  Remember good times and learn together.  We both have little kids and we are both learning to adjust to life.  Hanging out with Millie is like traveling back to more care free days.

Phew.  That was a lot. 

I better get to bed soon so I can get all my jobs done early tomorrow and leave the cobwebs to call my sisters.

Nothin' better than a sister.

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Em Russ said...

LOVE that! Love your descriptions about why you call your sisters because I can totally see it in each of them. I miss them all (and you) and it was so fun to be together for grandma's funeral. I wish we all still lived on the same street (and I would come to that 10am meeting everyday!!)

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