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With one fantastic Dad, one amazing Mom, and one awesome older brother--we are seven sisters. We are all married. We are all mothers. And we are all Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Since there are exactly seven days in a week and seven sisters (isn't that perfect?!?!), we will each take a day, every week, to share a little bit about our lives. Just like you, we are doing the best we can to enjoy this crazy ride! We are so happy you stopped by to take a peek into our lives!! So, read on…it's the Saga of Seven Sisters.

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Sister #1 Sunee

Sister #2 Katie

Sister #3 Rindi

Sister #4 Stalee

Sister #5 Joni

Sister #6 Judi

Sister #7 Millie

Send us an email at sagaofsevensisters@gmail.com

Wondering what it was like growing up with 7 girls in one family?  Here is a glimpse to our past.

Sunee, Katie, Rindi, Stalee, Joni, Judi, Millie

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Rindi, Stalee, Katie, and Laura (J.B.'s wife)

Back: Stalee, Millie, Judi, Joni
Front: Rindi, Katie

Our parents owned the Burgar Bar of Layton, Utah and we all spent many hours working there.  Here is Stalee and Katie reading for work.

J.B., Judi, Stalee, and Millie

Katie, Judi, and J.B.

4 sisters skiing together in Lake Powell

Katie and Sunee

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