Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All About Judi

I am Judi and I am sister number six.  After spending a year living in a Marriott Hotel with my husband and two little boys while he was on a temporary job with the FDIC, I am happy to be back in Utah and back in a real house! I grew up in Hooper, Utah with six sisters and one brother, which means I know how to have a lot of fun.  I am married to the love of my life, Michael and we have a 3 year son William, and a one year old son, Thomas. We met at BYU in computer science class where he asked me if I wanted to "study."  I am a stay-at-home "working" mom (staying at home all day is a lot of work!).  I love to play volleyball and go on walks with my fun little family.  Reading takes me to a fantasy world far away filled with wonder and magic and I read any chance I get.  Even though it usually ends up with two little ones "helping" me play, I enjoy playing the piano.  I majored in Exercise Science in College and know the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  After suffering with daily migraines for years, I changed my eating habits by eliminating processed, unnatural food and am now migraine free!  I am now an advocate against MSG (mono-sodium glutamate; a flavoring added to many foods that causes headaches, stomach aches, and has been described as slow-poison.)  I encourage mothers everywhere to stand up for their beliefs, hang in there, and mostly to remember that being a wife and mother is full of fun and rewarding experiences.

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