Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of they year...written by Judi

William and me at a BYU basketball game
No, it's not Christmas. 

I know that you were hoping it was Christmas.  I was hoping it was Christmas.  I know William (my 3 year old) was hoping it was Christmas because he asks if it is Christmas about every day.

But for my dearest husband, today is probably better than Christmas.  It is the start of College Football for the season. 

Here's the deal-i-oh (how would you spell that, I have never attempted to spell deal-i-oh before...hmm)

Our Boys bedroom all decked out in BYU gear and all of Mike's sports memorabilia

When I first met my Husband he informed me that he loved sports, especially college football.  I was like, "yeah, I love sports too."  Oh if I really knew what he meant.  It was sort of like I told Mike when we were dating, Mike, I get headaches, and he looked into my eyes dreamily and said, "You poor thing, I vow to rub your head and take such good care of you when you have a headache."  He had no idea that I meant I get such bad migraines that I can't get out of bed and last for days and yada yada yada.  (luckily I have almost cured my migraines through changing my diet.)  Anyways, back to the moment that Mike informed me that he loved college football.  I was so proud to be marrying a true BYU fan through and through that I didn't think another thing of it.  Oh boy.  I remember one of the first saturdays we were married and we were talking about our weekend plans and I told Mike that on Saturday I was going to head to the library to study for a couple of hours and asked if he wanted to join me.  He informed me he had plans.  Plans?  Yeah, College football lasts ALL day on saturday.  Must. Not. Miss. A. Moment!  Oh young love :)

So through the years we have counted down the days until College Football starts. We have thrown kick-off parties.  We have BBQ'd.  We have had three T.V.'s set up in our living room to avoid missing any games.  We have stood in long lines to get tickets.  We have woken up at unnatural hours in order to purchase season tickets as soon as possible.  We have worn game-day gear on Fridays and Saturdays.  We have collected memorabilia like you wouldn't believe.  We have driven late into the night to make it to play-off games. And we have had a BLAST!!!!

I remember one of my sisters, Stalee giving me some great advice, she told me that when you get married to make your spouses interests your interests and vice-versa.  I have loved the excitment of "game-day".  And I have loved all the times I have been at a game or watching a game with Mike by my side.  His love has become my love. 

So here's to your team (or your husbands team)! Here's to chips and salsa, marching bands in the background, and lots and lots of touchdowns. 

William at a Football super hot football game.
p.s. Mike always puts us first.  He knows sports are just that, sports.  In fact, he just came up stairs to watch RIO with william on the first night of college football.  Family comes first.  But College football is a close second... :)

p.p.s. He also brought me flowers today.  What a sweetheart to bring a peace offering on the start of College Football day :)

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