Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! ~By Rindi

My motherhood years started out pink and precious! We had two little girls in a row and our house was full of baby dolls, pink princesses, dress-ups, and nightgowns.

Julia and Emma, Christmas 2005

Then along came our first little boy. He suffered through girlish blankets, a time or two in girl pajamas, and being dressed up in tap shoes and a dress by his sisters. But so far, he's survived it all!

Julia teaching Miles to tap dance!

Then along came baby boy number two and we were thrilled--the perfect family: two girls, two boys!
Our cutie pie, Austin!

By this point, I was accumulating the boy toys, the blue blankets, the sports gear, the tools, the trains, the cars, and enough boy pajamas to prevent any cross-dressing! I was also trying to get used to the wrestling, the rough-housing, and the noise. But we have loved every minute!

This past Thursday was my ultrasound...and you guessed it...another boy! I just cannot believe it! Those early days of pink seem like a hazy memory. Now we are all about regular haircuts, basketball shorts, and little white shirts and ties! I remember how afraid Greg was that he wouldn't have a son (remember, I come from a family with LOTS of girls!). And now we will have three in a row! We are so excited. I have absolutely loved my little boys.

Austin--brand new and adorable!

But I'll just try to keep blocking out the memories of quiet little projects, dainty little dancers, and sweet baby girls. For now, it's going to be a whole lot of tackling, wrestling, and mostly refereeing!! My, oh my, how things have changed around here!


Jaron, Joni, and Family said...

The good thing is, you make such cute little boys! We are so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Rindi, I hope this little guy loves to play ball. Austin needs someone to play with and coach while Miles is at school. We are so excited for another darling grandson. Love, Mom

Kate said...

Congrats! It is so funny because I still think of you as a family of just girls, since that how you were in Toledo! :) So happy for you.

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