Thursday, July 7, 2011

We didn't Die...yet!!!! by Judi

I's been over a week since anyone posted and I know you have been worried sick that something horrible has happened to us.  Ok, nobody has probably cared...but, we aren't dead, just EXHAUSTED!!!!

We had our annual family reunion over the Forth of July that was full of hours and hours of fun and too little sleep and I don't think any of us have recovered from that.  Wow, who knew swimming, talking, playing, talking, laughing, chasing kids, eating good food, swimming some more, and playing all sorts of sports could be so EXHAUSTING!!!! I am tired just thinking about it.

Anyways.  Is anybody still reading this after our long absence??????????

My William at the Home Town Parade
I know our most faithful reader (MY MOM!!!!) will be checking, so here's to you Mom!

High School.

Yes, that is what the Forth of July made me think about.

Ok, here's why.  We always attend the fabulous (or used to be fabulous as a kid and now we just have to live on the memory of what it use to be because it is not so fabulous anymore) hometown parade.   While at the parade, you are always bound to see people you went to high school with, that you have not seen in years.  Some you try to avoid (because I am shy...not because I don't like people).  Others you are happy to see. 
Some of our Cute kids on the 4th
So I saw a girl who wasn't that nice in high school and didn't look like she had much going for her now, years later.  I wondered if she regretted the way she acted in high school.  On the other hand.  I saw a girl who was not popular in high school and didn't have much going for her then who was now DrOP DEad GorGeous and looked happy and was just glowing!!!!  I was happy for her.  Then I thought about myself.  What did they think when they saw me?  Was I nice to them?  I hope so. 

Our MOM taking a Million Ba Zillion kids on a golf cart ride during our reunion
Moral of my little nice all the time, someday you may grow up and realize that well, High School only lasts 3 years and then you have the rest of your life...or that today only lasts for, then you have the rest of your life.  It is better to be nice (but not always easy).  I am going to try to be a little nicer today.  Nice to my kids, nice to my husband, nice to the slow cashier at Walmart...because tomorrow, today will be gone and I will be glad that I was nice.

p.s. I just had Mike (my husband) read this post and he said, "Judi, that doesn't make any sense." !?!?!?  Ok, hope it makes sense to the female brain :)


Alison said...

i have missed you and was worried you gave up on your blog! haha i feel the same way about seeing old friends!

Anonymous said...

Judi, We should have warned everyone about the reunion. I didn't even think about it. I was too busy driving the golf cart!

I know exactly what you mean and your post did make sense. Kindness is always the best way to go. We will never be sad that we were kind but we can spend a lot of time regretting the things we have done that aren't so kind. Mom

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