Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Takin' Time on Tuesdays with Joni

I have always been a morning person. I am definitely not a night person. I love going to bed early. I am not an afternoon person. I love to nap and could take a nap everyday and be very happy. So that leaves morning. I love to get up in the morning and exercise and shower for the day. I love getting an early start and being out when the air is still fresh. In college I always took early classes and often took aerobic classes at 6am. Before most students were awake, I had already accomplished a lot.

I would still count myself as a morning person, but children have made me second guess this. My kids are early risers. They like to get up and get going. Before I can barely open my eyes I am hearing requests for breakfast. I usually can stumble through preparing cereal and often try to sleep on the couch through the first couple episodes of cartoons.

The place that I struggle the most is when my daughter has the idea for a "project" when she gets up. Before the sleep is rubbed from my eyes, I hear her asking for scissors, glue, paper, stickers, markers, etc. She busily starts working on a large project. This is the one thing that makes me think I am not a morning person. To me, "project" is a swear word before 9am. I don't want to hear it. I need time to get my feet underneath me and start the day before we are into a major activity. The worst is when I have to clear play dough off the table to serve breakfast. There is something really unappetizing about play dough in the morning.

So as I try to think if I am still a morning person, I have come to the conclusion I am when I am alone. I would be happy if my kids showed up after I have exercised, showered and gotten ready for the day, ate breakfast while reading an uplifting article and have the kitchen cleaned. Then my kids can show up and say, "Mom, we want to make a 100 page book with watercolors and words. Can you help us?" I would smile and say a big, "Yes" instead of groaning and saying, "It's too early for projects!"

Recipe of the Week: Watermelon :)
So I am not cooking much these days. I am 8 months pregnant, hot, and tired. We are surviving on the staple meals and are not trying anything new. So hopefully I can get around to trying a new recipe soon. Until then, cut open a nice, sweet, crispy watermelon and enjoy. This is my favorite food right now. I cut the watermelon in half and use it as a large bowl. I eat until I think my skin will pop but it is SO SO SO good. The other night I sent my husband to get me a watermelon at 9pm. He came back with three watermelons and two cantelopes. He had barely brought them in the house before I had it cut open and was digging in! YUMMY!
Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Joni, you are still a morning person. You are just pregnant.

I love the watermelon recipe. That is about how much I want to cook when it is hot! Mom

Rindi said...

So many things would be better all alone! Cleaning, cooking, organizing, reading, exercising, even projects are easier alone! But life is better full of kids! That is why we do it all. Can't wait to see you!

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