Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm practically a Celebrity~! written by Judi

Did you watch American Idol this Season?  I was cheering for Scotty the entire time so you can imagine my enthusiasm when we found out his parents were named MIKE AND JUDY!!!  Yeah...he is practically my son. On a side note, I told Mike that if he sang as deep and as good as Scotty...he wouldn't be allowed to talk in our house...only sing.

Anyways, the reason I bring this up is because I was jealous this season.  I was jealous that I don't have an amazing voice, a body that can dance like nobody's business, an all-American talent, a design knack, a hidden master chef hidden inside me...basically, I'm well, talent less (I'm not talking about the little talents I am sure I have inside me, I'm talking make-you-million's-of-dollars-get to see the world-type talents!~)

Scotty my "son" singing on American Idol.
 When I expressed these green monster jealousy feelings to Mike, he reminded me that being rich and famous is not all it is cracked up to be.   For example you lose your privacy all together and have people constantly screaming at you and trying to grab you as you walk past and ect. ect.

I totally agree.  Imagine how horrible it would be to lose your privacy.

William and Thomas joining in on my "Private" shower.

Thomas brushing his teeth on my lap while I have a "Private" moment on the toilet!

Not to mention people always trying to grab at you when you walk by and pull at your clothes and rip off you necklace and other mementos...
Justin Beiber fans trying to grab him as he sings by them

William and Thomas grabbing onto my legs as I am trying to go out the door.
I couldn't even go to the grocery store without being noticed.

Linsay Lohan trying to conceal her identity behind glasses and a hat.

Me, trying to conceal the fact that I don't have makeup on and my hair is not freshly done on the way to the grocery store.
 Oh! And how annoying would that be to always have people screaming your name and trying to get your attention.
Crazy fans screaming for somebody...

Can't you just hear it, "MOOOOoooOOOOM!!!!"

 Mike is totally right.  Giving up your privacy would totally not be worth all the other good stuff that comes with the glamorous life!

Beautiful pools, massages, maids...NOT WoRTH it!

Beautiful gowns, adventures...not worth it!

I'm so glad that I have my privacy...oh wait, I don't have any privacy anymore. BUT, if I have to give up my privacy to have the two cutest fans in the world, then I guess it is SO totally worth it!


Em Russ said...

Judi, that post was awesome! I was totally cracking up! Love it! (and, for the record, you DO look like a celebrity in those cute glasses and hat!)

Tami said...

Judes, remember those Jennifer Anniston sunglasses you had? I always thought you looked like a celebrity! I guess you sort of are a celebrity with Judy a different audience. :) What a fun post to read!

Alli E. said...

Loved that post!!

Alli E. said...

Loved that post!!

Rindi said...

Such an awesome post! Judi, you are so funny and as cute as any celebrity I've EVER seen. I can see why William and Thomas are always screaming for you and grabbing at you, but I bet Mike is usually joining in! HA! You are a celebrity to them. It's funny how kids think you are the best person in the WHole world.
Love ya, Rindi

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