Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ode to the Phone by Sunee

I love the phone! I love that I am only a few numbers away from everyone I love. There have been times over the last 15 years of marriage that I have felt very guilty about my phone time. I have often used it as "my" time. My time to talk to someone over the age of 5. I have spent more hours than I cared to admit...laughing, talking, crying. The world's problems have all been solved during my time on the phone. About a month ago, our family decided to follow the lead of almost all of my sisters and lose the home phone. I felt very sad. I felt like I had lost a good friend. I don't love long conversations on a cell phone. But I did the brave thing and joined the family decision.

Then as luck would have it last week I dropped my cell phone in the sprinklers. By the time I rescued my phone, it was soaked. I quickly dried it. I used the hair dryer. I put it in a bag of rice. And guess what??? My ancient phone worked. It gave me fits for about 24 hours, but then it seemed to miraculously recover. I was sooo happy. Then on Tuesday with no warning, it could not make or receive any calls. After 5 days of working fine, it died. Again I turned to all of the tricks, but nothing worked. I lived for 4 days without any phone. I felt so alone and isolated. I missed my home phone terribly. I worried about who was calling me and who could not reach us. I can not believe how much we all rely on our phones!!!

So yesterday, with Kyle's insistence, I headed into Verizon. I had owned my last phone for so long that it was just a very plain phone. This has not been a fantastic financial time for my phone to die. But my account was due for an upgrade and a credit so I thought, "I'll just get something very simple. I just need a phone." Jeff, my 9 year old technology lover, begged me to take him with me. When we entered the store there were a million people shopping and about that many phones to choose from. I sat there thinking that I was in the wrong line of work!! Finally a sales lady called my name. I told her I just wanted something simple. She then began to explain to me the many problems associated with getting something simple. She told me that my upgrade and discount would go towards something simple and that in the end something fancier would end up costing about the same. She also told me that whatever I chose, I had to keep for 2 years, or pay the retail price of hundreds of dollars to upgrade. She explained that I could put everything on my Verizon account and the bill would not be due for 2 months. Jeff stood there listening, just knowing what the right choice was. Between Jeff and that saleslady, I was doomed. Before I knew what was happening, I was holding Jeff's, I mean my, new I-phone.

I have had my new iPhone for about 36 hours, it has been used constantly, and I have touched it about twice. Apple you have outdone yourselves! And so next time you call me, you will know that not only can I talk to you, I can tell you where you are on google maps, use my GPS to go anywhere, schedule my life, watch Kipper on Nick Jr, play Angry Birds and listen to Pandora. I am sure I will love this phone...that is if I ever get a chance to hold it!



Em Russ said...

oh Sunee, you WILL love it. Johnny got me an android phone for Christmas and I told him I didn't want one because I knew that as soon as I had one I'd never be able to be without one. He insisted that my contract was up and it would be foolish not to get one... so, now I have a smart phone and LOVE it!! I'm sure you will too!

Judi said...

You are about my most favorite person to talk to on the phone! i don't even like talking on the phone...but I am always happy when you call! Yeah for i-phones...I don't want one because I know I will break it (and i use the word "I" very loosely..meaning the children) But it looks fun!

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