Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunny St. George by Millie

This weekend Robert, Aurora and I went to St. George for a long weekend to visit Sunee, Rindi and Stalee's families and we had a blast!  St. George is such an awesome place to visit and this little vacation was a great way to help us feel like it was summer.  We swam, hiked, ate A LOT of amazing food and spent hours just talking to each other, our favorite thing of all.

On Saturday we all went to Snow Canyon for a nice easy hike and that's where I took all the pictures for the weekend, so enjoy.  I love the landscape and I loved how much fun we had.
on our way to the hike, we're excited, can you tell?

We were listening to Jack Johnson, who does the sound track to Curious George the Movie.  Every time a "George" song came on Aurora would do this with her finger and say "A George!"
Robert and Aurora at the end of a slot canyon

Aurora and I decided to get a little adventurous

The hiking family!
cute bunch of girls.  Aurora just loved all her big cousins.

That's Sunee's oldest James out there.  He was looking for lizards, I had a fun flash back, he's been looking for lizards since his was very, very little.  Some things never change.

Aurora was so happy this whole weekend.
Another thing that never changes, Jeff has always been a climber.

Those are names written on the rock by pioneers, it was really cool to see them.

Aurora wanted to follow her daddy, she even started yelling "Robert, Robert!" for him to come get her.

Some of Sunee's family.  Aurora loved little Avree, she followed Avree around all the time saying her name.
Robert finally got Aurora and took her up high, she was a natural climber.

Robert, Jeff and James were a little crazy at this part, it was a hard climb!

After they went up (the picture above) they disappeared and showed up on top of a big cliff.  It was kind of a stressful moment, we thought they were going to fall for sure.

Aurora loves being outside and she loves Rocks!
Well that was our fun trip.  We loved seeing everyone and getting away from normal life for a while.  The best part is that we'll see all the St. Georgians soon at our family reunion in July, we can't wait!

In other news, after seventeen months we finally got Aurora's hair into a little pony!  It's a big accomplishment for us.  And it lasted for about ten seconds.

Have a great week


Becca Jane said...

Glad you had fun! That hike looks like a blast, my kids would LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Millie, Thanks for the great pictures. I miss everyone and it is fun to see them in your pictures. I am happy that you had such a great time. Love, Mom

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