Friday, April 22, 2011

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

Happy Eating!
By Stalee

Easter is in a couple of day and I would just like to comment on the wonderful Easter candy. I know candy is involved in a lot of holidays, but I love Easter candy. A few years ago I had a great idea to cut out sugar in my diet. I made this decision in February and it was going great. Well Easter came along and I decided to take one day off and eat the candy…..but somehow that one day has turned into over 700. I guess that one day off lasted a little longer. If any of you are on a diet don’t stop for Easter or you might find yourself years later not back on your diet.

One of my favorite candies was introduced to me by my lovely husband. It is Cadburys hard shell chocolate eggs. They are kind of hard to find but well worth it. We usually buy them in a bag, not in this package. It is the same candy though! YUM!

Of course you have to love Peeps! Just open the package and wait a few days and they will be perfect. I love a few day old peeps.

The best part is my kids don’t like jelly beans of any kind so I have all the jelly beans I want.

I do not like the big chocolate bunnies. I feel like they are made out of the worst chocolate ever. I really hope the Easter Bunny does not bring us any.
This is making me sick thinking of all the candy that will be consumed this weekend. I have one daughter that has a special liking to candy. She will say, “Mom I am starving” and when I get right down to it the only thing she wants is candy. Maybe this is a good time to get us back on my no sugar diet…..after Easter of course. :)


Rindi said...

Such a cute post! I just bought all of our candy. I love the original creme-filled cadbury eggs. And of course a huge face is the reeses pb eggs.

Rindi said...

Oh my silly thing always tries to correct what I write. I meant a huge fave, not just tried to change it again!

Katie said...

Ummmmmm I think I was with you on that diet. Dang candy always gets me. Its tooooo yummy! Thanks for making me "hungry". :)

stalee said...

Yes Katie, yes you were. We were so stupid to let up. Oh well! Rindi I do like PB cups but I would have to try the creme filled egg it has been so long and I did not like them as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Stalee, don't do it. I always stop myself from trying something so evil and so good as a new treat.

I have been on a very low carb diet with dad and Easter is posing a real problem. The one advantage I have is that I don't have any kids in the house. We did have a little Easter party the other day and I stole a few jelly beans out of a basket. (They were the black ones and I knew that the kids wouldn't like them anyway.)

Good luck everyone with the candy. Love, Mom

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