Thursday, April 21, 2011

Track Meet

Today is not my day, but I had something to say so here goes...

I don't love the Elementary Track meets. I was never very fast and got too nervous. I was never last, but certainly never first. Then came James(my oldest)...we would run and practice for the meet and pray that the track meet would be respectable for him. As we were praying that he would not come in last, I wondered who I was hoping would take this dreaded position.

Enter Jeff. Jeffrey has been telling me for weeks that he was winning the practice races at school. I then asked, Who are you racing? How many kids are racing? Do the teachers tell you you win or do you just think you are winning (Jeff tends to follow Kyle's optimism). I didn't know how Jeffrey would do, but I was hopeful. Then I remembered that they run with others in their year, not necessarily their grade. I didn't want Jeff to get nervous, because is so young in his year, so I didn't tell him.

Brynn on the other hand has be scared for weeks. We have jogged, gone to the track, and talked strategy a thousand times.

Wednesday dawned bright and beautiful. I got everyone ready and kissed them good bye, promising to see them at the meet. I rushed to school, taught my class and rushed out right on time so I could hopefully see Brynn, who was running the 800 which is the first race. As I got in the car I called Kyle and asked him if it had started, He said yes, drive fast and I might catch the end. Good thing the track meet was at Dixie College! I parked and ran like crazy, just in time to see Brynn run the last 200 yards. She closed in on the leader and almost overtook her, but ended in 2nd place. We were so proud of her. She ran really fast and strong. She was seriously tired. We hugged and helped her walk around. She is a very good runner and looks really good while she is running.

Jeffrey ran the 100 first. We had taken the kids to the track on Monday night to practice and talk about technique (if we know any!!). Jeff beat me and Brynn and Kyle really had to try hard to not get beaten. As he was waiting Jeff told me that one of the 4th graders had informed him that he would not be able to beat 4th graders because they were older. I just whispered to Jeff that I thought he could beat all of them. He finally lined up. The gun went off, Jeff shot out. He started running and looked so smooth and good. He pulled out in the clear lead. He kept pulling out farther and farther. He won by a considerable distance. We screamed and cheered and were soooo happy.

Then Jeff decided to do his long jump. He went and jumped 6 feet! That was long enough to take first place!!! He then lined up to run the 200. He was in the first lane. The gun shot, Jeff ran. By the time they came out of the turn and into the straight away Jeff had passed everyone. He ran so fast I couldn't believe it. He probably won by 30 yards!! It was so fun for Jeff and us!! Then we had a little break until the finals. They even broke for lunch. I brought Jeff home and fed him a light carb lunch and he rested. We went back to run the finals. Jeff lined up with the 8 fastest boys, in the 100. He was in lane 4. The gun shot, Jeff didn't get the best start, he pumped his arms hard, stuck out his chest and ran. By about 30 yards he took the lead, he and another boy ran out in front of the others, Jeff in the lead. We screamed and screamed. Jeff pushed on until he crossed the line first. Oh we were happy!! What a fun day! I guess track can be fun. I should say winning is not everything, but it is sure fun to win.


PS We lost the pacifier at the track meet. It was our last one. I vowed to myself I would not buy anymore. We have now gone to nap 2 times and bed time once with out the pacifier! I'm not sure I'm thrilled about it, and I cried when she cried out "pacifier" , as if I had forgotten to give it to her!! But at some point we had to give up the pacifier and yesterday was the day!!


Anonymous said...

Sunee, I love track. I wished I could have been on a track team. I am so proud of Jeff and Brynn. They are both going to be amazing runners.

Yea, for Avree's pacifier. She will be so grown up. Good Job. I know that it is tough but keep going. Love, Mom

Em Russ said...

must be so fun to watch your kids be good at stuff! I am scared for the day when mine will have to face winning and losing... not that they will lose... whatever, lol, they came from ME!!! anyway, sounds like so much fun!! Good luck with the pacifier! Alex would never take one and I sure wish he would have!!

Katie said...

Good job Kids!!!

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