Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hi! It's Rindi, again. I am at a loss (for once!) about what to say. So here are some odds and ends about my day yesterday:

Austin (just barely 2 years old): I pushed him in my deluxe double stroller to the park. It was a beautiful day that just screamed for some time outside. He mostly wanted to swing. The whole time. I don't mind swinging my kids, but he wanted me to grab the swing each time, pull it back and let it go! That would make him squeal with delight. It was harder than just pushing; it was like weight-lifting all morning. Somehow, all of that swinging wore him out, because he took a lovely three-hour nap. Then he watered all of my plants on the back patio. He does that job any time I'll let him. Everything ends up pretty wet, including him, but he thinks he is doing something great. And I don't have to worry about watering! He learned how to open the back gate and get out, so now he is no longer safe in the back yard. He also learned how to turn on the neighbor's water! Keeping up with him is a full time job! I love Austin!

Miles (my 5-year-old preschooler): Miles chose to walk all of the way to the park and then played really hard. He got very tired and wanted to go home before Austin was done swinging! Miles said, "I've had ENOUGH fresh air!" Miles is a bit of a home-body. So, I'm always telling him that he needs to get out and get fresh air. Apparently, you can have too much of a good thing. Miles has gotten really interested in Ocean Animals. He's watched lots of documentaries about the ocean and has a couple of sets of ocean animals (a new one from our recent trip to Sea World). I was napping on my bed yesterday, while he sat next to me watching Disney's Oceans. At one point, I opened my eyes and got so fascinated, that we both ended up watching it. He and I have been talking about sharks, whales, and other animals endlessly. To get him to eat his food (Miles is very picky!), I've been making up stories about a Beluga Whale in the ocean. At each intense moment in the story, I stop and tell him he has to take another bite before I go on. He'll be hanging on my every word, and then I'll stop and he'll have to take another bite, and he DOES! We've gotten through many a dinners lately, including last night, with the help of the adventures of the Beluga Whale! I love Miles!

Julia (my seven-year-old first grader): She has a lot of reading homework every day. Yesterday, she was reading about the history of Chicago and she called to me in the other room, "Mom, were you alive in 1779?" I burst out laughing. For some reason, the seriousness of her voice made me laugh so hard! I quickly cleared that up for her! Julia loves to ride her bike or scooter to and from school. We live almost a mile away, so it is a good ride home. She always comes in sweaty and red-faced and drops everything to the floor and then flops herself down to rest. Julia is a happy soul! Monday was crazy hair day and she LOVED the way I did her hair. She couldn't stop posing in front of the mirror, absolutely delighted with herself. Yesterday, she did bubbles in the backyard for the boys and I loved hearing the laughter through the windows. Every night at bedtime, once everyone is tucked in, she asks me to rub her back. I usually say the same thing to her that I say to all of the other many bedtime requests, "Not tonight, Jules." Then she nicely goes to sleep. Thank heavens! She used to be a nightmare to get to sleep. She is so sweet, though, that maybe tonight I'll rub her little back for a minute. I love Julia!

Emma (my nine-year-old): She also had a heavy head of hair piled up top for crazy hair day. She looked so cute. When Emma gets home from school, she is the first to run in the door and immediately yells, "Mom?" She's never too hot or tired to make sure I'm waiting for them. :) Yesterday, I took them all to the grocery store and Emma was thrilled. She loves to shop! Lately, she thinks I am so cute (pretty crazy, huh?). I got a new dress on the Sisters' Weekend Shopping Spree, and when I came home, Emma couldn't stop complimenting me. That night as I kissed her in bed (she'll never let a night go by without getting her goodnight kiss!) she said, "Oh, Mom. By the way, your dress was so cute today!" Thank goodness our own children think highly of us. It is fun to have Emma growing up! Yesterday, we practiced volleyball with the new ball I got her. She accidentally hit it over the wall into the neighbor's yard. We had to go get it, but she is getting very good at volleyball. She loves chocolate, or any treat for that matter. So, because she wanted a chocolate ice cream bar last night, we all gave in and had one too! Emma is super competitive in sports. She ran some awesome races in her school track meet, and now she can't wait to get her ribbons in the assembly. I love Emma!

Well, enough about my kids. Have a lovely day,



Katie said...

Rindi apparently the dress was "deathly" cute! Miss your kids.


Em Russ said...

stories about your Emma remind me of another little runner girl I used to know. I used to envy the diameter of her braids too... miss you!

Anonymous said...

Rindi, It is so fun to read about the kids. I can't wait to come and see everyone this week. Also, it is fun to hear from Katie and Emily. Love, Debi

Kate said...

Oh, I loved the update on your kids!

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