Saturday, April 23, 2011

I LOVE my little BRAT

Last night we went to Jaron's basketball game where he plays with JB, my brother, and Judi's husband Mike. They played a really good team and got behind in the end, but they played well. When the game was over, the kids asked if they could run around. I told them for just a minute. I am usually really good at watching my kids, but Jaron came and started talking to me and then JB came over and I got distracted. The next thing I know is Clark came to me and said, "Mom, what is a brat?" I looked at him confused. He said, "A man out there said, 'Get out of the way BRAT.'" I know this is true because Clark doesn't even know the word brat. I grabbed Jaron's arm and said, "You need to go punch someone. They just called Clark a brat." Clark then pointed to who it was and it was this really, really big guy who outweighed Jaron by a lot (which is hard because Jaron is a strong 6 feet 8 inches tall!) I changed my mind and said to not fight him (as if my kind hearted soft spoken husband really would.) But I was really sad that someone would call my nice little Clark a brat. So I am going to dedicate this post to Clark.

If you don't know Clark, he is the most talkative boy at 4 years in the history of all the earth. His talking is non stop. Even if you ask him to stop talking, he says, "Why mom? Why can't I talk? Why are we being quiet?" It just doesn't stop! Last week I took him to the dentist. My older daughter, Vienna, is so anxious at the dentist that we had to knock her out to get her cavities filled. I was worried that Clark might be nervous. When the hygienist came to get him, he looked at me a bit anxious, but with some words of encouragement, he left with her. As I sat in the waiting room, I started to notice a little voice coming from the back. I realized it was Clark and there was a continuous stream of words. He wouldn't stop talking! I laughed and thought, "How are they even looking in his mouth? He hasn't stopped talking!" After hearing him talk for a long time, they called me back to talk to the dentist. I found my cute boy sitting in the chair. He saw me and with a big smile, said, "Hi MOM!" He was loving all the attention and loving having new people to listen to him! He is so funny.

The other day as we were getting into the car, Vienna and Clark started yelling at each other. I told them to both sit in their seats and not to talk. After a while Clark said, "I like being quiet." I thought, "This must be the first time in his life to sit quietly. It must feel so new!" I hope in Sunbeams he sits quietly and listens but with him, you never know!

Clark is a good mix of a boy. He loves bugs and to wrestle. He often has an ant crawling on his hand as his pet. He is also so sweet and nice. I was pulling out baby clothes for our little girl coming in August and he saw some cute shoes and said, "Those are so adorable!" He is a fun little boy. He now is going to be surrounded by sisters, so we will need to get him involved in boy things, but he is a good brother and a good little boy. I LOVE MY LITTLE BRAT!

Recipe of the Week: Rice Chex Treats (Gluten Free)

I couldn't find a good version of Rice Krispies, but I know that Rice Chex are Gluten Free, so I made Rice Chex Treats this week and they were YUMMY! Here is the recipe

1 Bag of Marshmallows (Great Value Brand is Gluten Free)
Rice Chex
2 TBSP of Butter

Put the butter and marshmallows in the pan and cook on med low heat until all melted.
I don't measure my cereal because I like them to have a lot of marshmallows, so I just pour some in at a time until there is a good amount of cereal but a lot of marshmallows. Stir well and then pour into a coated cake pan. I put butter on my finger tips and spread around and pat down. Let it cool and then eat! YUMMY!


Katie said...

I am so sorry people are so rude. I hate that. Clark is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Joni, I about died when I read your title. I am so thankful that you are not calling your children names. Some people don't understand little children and they are a nuisance to them. Sorry Clark had to hear that but at least it was from a stranger and not from someone who should love him. Mom

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