Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Baker

Just another Millie Monday...

When I was younger all I wanted to be when I grew up was a baker.  I wanted to have a bakery and live right above it.  I wanted to make bread, doughnuts and all sorts of goodies and the best part of all is my home would always smell wonderful because the smells would go up and fill my house.

Now you have to understand that this was a hilarious dream of mine.  I never cooked.  Never.  I would help in the kitchen when asked, but it was almost counterproductive to ask for my help.  It's not that I was a bad cook or anything, I just was so ignorant in the kitchen that it would take twice as long to have me help.  I'd have to be taught how exactly to do something, and then I'd do it, usually needing help.  So therefore I was much more helpful setting the table or cleaning up dinner, and that's what I mostly did. 

Also, I had no interest in the kitchen.  Partly because I knew if I took interest and learned how to do things, well then it would eliminate the problem in the paragraph above and then I would be asked to help.  I know, I know, typical youngest child...I'm lazy I get it. 

So Robert enters my life and guess what?  He's an excellent cook.  For one of our dates in high school he tried to teach me how to make cinnamon rolls.  Robert is so confident in the kitchen and most Sunday evenings he's baking something, he just loves it.   One of the funnest memories I have of Robert is when we were registering at Target before our wedding.  I was just going along clicking on most things (I knew hardly anybody looks at the registry anyway) and we got to the food mixers.  I was about to click on a Kitchen Aid food mixer and Robert says, "Umm, actually I like the Bosch better..."  I had no idea what he was talking about.  But he had his opinion and guess what?  He got a Bosch for Christmas right before we got married, I think I got Legos.  I'm not saying Robert is a girlie man, he just likes to eat and so he learned how to cook for himself and it was really handy on his mission.  Missionaries loved Robert because he could make brownies, cookies, and lots of other home made treats.

Anyway, on to the real story.  About a week or two ago it was Mardi Gras.  Our religion doesn't celebrate Mardi Gras or Lent, and we certainly don't party like the people in New Orleans do, but I wanted to have a themed evening so we had Jumbilia for dinner and I invited some friends over for some King Cake (a traditional dessert served on Mardi Gras).  I was brave and I made two cakes from scratch, and that was my first attempt at becoming the Baker.
King Cake
It was a success!  Everyone loved it and almost everyone came back for seconds, some of the men for thirds.  I was so proud of my self.  I baked something from scratch and I threw a successful party.  It really boosted my self esteem.  So I decided to try again.

Last week I finally broke out my wheat grinder.  I've had it for over a year and for Christmas I got raw wheat (exciting I know!).  Because the cake went so well I had the confidence to make my own bread.  I used my sister Sunee's recipe and guess what?  It turned out awesome!

Yummy, Yummy Bread
I was so proud of my four beautiful loaves that I went and took one to one of my neighbors who recently had a baby. It's a little intimidating to share something you've cooked, especially on your first try, but they loved it!  Robert loves it too.  Sunee told me that if I made bread Robert would love me more, I think she's right.   I don't know if I'll ever go back to store bought bread, this is so yummy and healthy.

But the best part of this experience isn't the delicious baked goods (though they are a major plus), it's my self esteem.  I feel so accomplished and talented even.  I can take raw ingredients and turn them into something that tastes good and sustains life.  I love the creative feel, I feel the same when I'm painting, writing or playing music.  I never knew cooking could make me feel this good!

And even if I never have a bakery, my house will still smell wonderful because I will bake delicious goodness in my own kitchen.

The baker and her helper (yes we have matching aprons, too cute huh?)



Anonymous said...

Millie, you and Aurora look so so cute. I love the aprons. I am so proud of your new baking skills. All the years that I tried to get you interested in the kitchen and never could and now you are doing it. Good Job. Love, Mom

Rindi said...

I feel the same way, Mill! I was so proud of my first batch of bread. I love to is so rewarding to see the fruits of your labor. Good job!
Love, Rindi

Tami said...

Fun post, Millie! It's funny, but I feel the same way about baking too. I like to bake but I never get around to it. I never have time but when I do, I would LOVE to bake more! Keep it up!

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