Monday, March 21, 2011

I LOVE BYU! I attended Brigham Young University from 1995-1999. I loved it and I am still a huge supporter. We love to watch BYU sports. Just for some laughs I added some pictures from 1996 at BYU.
It has been so fun watching BYU and Jimmer make it to the sweet 16. My daughters and I make up cheers and laugh. My husband and son get so excited with every score. It is such a social event. I love any excuse to have a party and hangout with family and friends.

We love to attend the games when they come to play near us. We even waited and met Jimmer and the players after. So exciting.

I have always loved sports and want to wish BYU good luck on Thursday. GO COUGARS!!!!!!!

Oh ya and there is usually cake. :)


Anonymous said...

Katie, I love the pictures. They are so fun. Is that Emily in the first picture? Go cougars! love mom

Rindi said...

Funny how pictures from the 90s already look kind of outdated! Was it really that long ago? You look beautiful though! Love BYU! Hope they do well this week. And that is a great cake!

Anonymous said...

U see correctly, thas jimmer and me!

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