Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Angels in my Life

I haven't posted since I had my sweet baby and that was two months ago. My day to post is Tuesday. Each week I think, "I will post something on Tuesday." But as it goes with new babies, I don't think about it again until Wednesday. Then I make that same goal for the next week and I forget the next week. So though it is not Tuesday, I am going to post today!

I am often bitter when I get sick because it seems a mom never gets to be sick. She still has to cook and clean and take care of the kids even though she doesn't feel well. That is true to a point. There is a point when a mother gets to be sick and that is when she is knocking at death's door.

My kids had sore throats last week so when mine started hurting on Friday night, I thought I was catching the same thing. The kids' sickness had been mild so I wasn't too concerned. By Saturday night I was feeling really sick. By Sunday night I was convinced it was strep throat. My head hurt, my neck hurt, my throat felt like I was swallowing knives, I was shaking all over, I would go from the chills to burning up and then back again, my muscles and bones and joints hurt. I was so sick. I got up Monday morning and was the first to urgent care. They tested me for strep and mono and both came back negative and I was sent home. I got home and went to bed and slept most of the day except to eat and go to the bathroom. By that night I thought I was going to die. I hadn't gotten out of bed all day and watching a movie was too much work. I even had stopped nursing my baby because it took to much energy. I kept wanting to call my mom and ask her to come help me. I was so grateful when she called me early Tuesday morning and said, "I am coming to help!" I didn't even have to ask and she got the message. I am so grateful she came. So here are the angels that helped me this week and are the reason I am among the living.

1. My husband - He has been so kind to me since I have been sick. I have been in bed or asleep since Saturday night and he has been so helpful. He has gone to the store many times. He has made me food, taken care of the kids, even gotten up in the night. I am so grateful for my Angel Husband.
2. My baby - I love my baby. Monday was definitely my worst day. I barely moved and she just stayed in bed with me and slept. She almost slept for 24 hours straight. I was so grateful to pull her close to me and sleep. She was such a good baby. I love my angel baby.
3. Stalee and Judi - When I called Monday morning and waived the help flag both sisters were so willing to help. (I am sure all of my sisters would have helped, but these are the two that live by me.) Stalee took Clark even though she is quite pregnant and didn't even have kids at home to play with him. I am sure he talked her ear off. Thank you Stalee for allowing me to have a quiet house to sleep. It was so nice to sleep without any interruptions. Clark came home very happy and said he had a great day. I love my Angel sisters!
4. Mom - Monday night I said, "I need my mom!" I know Jaron was trying his best, but I needed my mom and she came! I didn't even say the words and she knew and she came! Within seconds of her walking through the door, the laundry was started, chicken was simmering in the pot, I was napping and all was well in the world. She served me these last two days and I can't thank her enough. My kids received so much love and attention. They thought it was fun to have grandma here and I got to rest so much. I am also caught up on laundry, house work, dishes, everything! I love my mom so much and am so appreciative of her. Thanks for saving the day. I love my angel mom!

I am feeling much better. I am still really sick, but I atleast can sit up and walk and hopefully can resume some of my normal duties. I will still be taking it easy for a few days, but I am definitely much better off thanks to the help of my family. I love you all.

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Rindi said...

We were so worried about you! I'm glad you are back among the living. That is so hard to be so sick. Keep hanging in there...there are too many people who need you! That is a mother's plight! Talk to you soon.
Love, Rindi

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