Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saved by a book...written by Judi

Did I use to have a brain?  I am amazed at Women who go back to work after they have children and actually think real thoughts, because frankly, my brain is jello.  I am always asking Mike, "How do you spell this? Tell me again how that works?  What does that mean?"  

I blame my brain-deadness on these cuties!

The only time I feel like I am an actual COLLEGE GRADUATE is when I am reading a book.  I love to read.  Reading transports me to a far away place with romance, mystery, adventure, and fun.  I go through reading slumps and forget how much I enjoy reading and then when I pick up a good book again, life improves. 

Right now I am reading "Gone with the Wind" and my thoughts are in Tara with Scaralett and Rhett and Ashley.   I am attending balls and wearing hoop skirts and plagued with the Civil War.  I think the best part about books is that you get to know the characters thoughts.  This makes books better than movies any day.  I enjoy knowing how the character thinks and comparing it to how I think.  Scaralett and I are complete opposites, and it interests me to see how different we think. 

Do you feel like a ding dong brain?  Have you been talking to a toddler all day? Go get a good book...and then tell me what you read because books save my sanity!

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Rindi said...

Yeah! I am so glad you are reading this book. One of my all-time favorites. Oh, it is so fun. I loved those few weeks when I was really into it. I can't wait to talk to you about it. Good luck.
Love, Rindi

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