Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love my birthday!

(This is Judi....I just talked to my mom and Joni had her baby late last night!  A healthy baby Girl!!! Yeah for Joni and Baby Girl Allred!!!! She wrote this before she went into labor last night.)

Takin' Time on Tuesdays with Joni

Sunday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. My husband made me pancakes with fresh peaches on top. He kept the kids quiet so I could take a long nap. He made home made ice cream for dessert. He tried so hard to make it so I didn't even have to stand up! My mom also worked hard to give me a good birthday. She made a yummy dinner for everyone and gave me two new pj's for when I am recovering from having a baby and two nightgowns for the new baby. I went to bed feeling so happy with the wonderful day I had enjoyed. The only thing I didn't get was a baby. This whole pregnancy I have said I wanted the baby to come on my birthday. Oh well.

As I was thinking about my wonderful day, I started to think about my birthdays over the years. If any of you have summer birthdays, you might have had similar experiences as I have. I have spent very few birthdays at home. It seemed that family trips have often been scheduled over my birthday. I have had a birthday at Lake Powell, Park City, St. Louis, camping, girls camp, and more places I can't think of right now. This could be a sob story of how I never get to have a fun birthday. Quite on the contrary. My amazing mother has tried to make it a fun birthday, no matter where we have been. She has packed my presents, tried to make some dessert, and made sure we sang no matter where we were. I have sung over ding dongs on top of our houseboat. I have played with my new presents on the grass in front of our Park City condo. I remember one time we were at the end of a church history tour. We were all hot and tired in the humid summer of St. Louis. My mom asked what we could do to make my birthday fun and I said to go to a restaurant as a family. So my large clan of a family walked from our hotel, down a busy street, to a diner and had a birthday celebration. With eight kids, a husband, seven son in laws, one daughter in law, and soon to be 25 grandchildren, my mom probably feels like she is always celebrating a birthday. But with all of those birthdays on her calendar, she still takes the time to make sure everyone feels her love and feels special on their day. Thanks mom for 29 great birthdays! I love you

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Judi said...

thank you Joni. That was a very sweet entry. I always want to make birthdays special because the people are special. I love you and I am so proud of you. You are a great mom and now you have three little ones to call you MOM. Love, mom

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