Friday, August 5, 2011

All over the place....written by Judi

My thoughts are all over the place this morning.  So, put on your seat's going to be a random post!

- Are boys (my boys in particular) super active, or am I really going crazy trying to keep up with their adventures for no reason?

- Do you like to play?  I am having a huge aversion to "playing."  If I have to hide under a blanket so the Dinosaurs can't find us one more time! I am going to lose it.

- Do you like the sound of your own voice??  I can't stand the sound of my own voice.  I am glad you are not here in my house so your don't have to hear my voice while singing "5 little ducks" or saying "No William, don't put Daddy's belt around Thomas's neck!" But, the funny thing is, there are some voices I love.  For instance, I love when I hear my mom's voice on the phone saying, "How are you doing, Judi?"  I love hearing my Dad say, "We are proud of you."  I love to hear Mike's (my husband) voice saying "I love you, you look pretty."  And I love to hear my boys voices laughing with each other.  And, ironically...I am sure MY voice brings comfort to my boys...yeah, hard to believe that one!  Who's voice brings you comfort?

- What happens to children as they hit 18 months old and start to approach 2 years old?  Do they become possessed by some demon?  I remember when William hit this age, I literally thought something was wrong with him and was about to take him in to get tested for some disorder or something.  My sisters then informed me that he was just becoming a toddler.  I couldn't believe it.  Now my sweet little Thomas is not so sweet anymore.  I told Mike that if Thomas wasn't so dang cute, I don't know if I could like him at the moment.  Tantrums - check! Screaming- check! Hitting-check!  Cute-as-a-button-check!  I guess I will keep him.

- Lastly, Mike and I have been having long discussions about spiritual preparedness.  It is weird because I don't make it to Temple as much as I want to (Thomas will NOT let us leave him with a babysitter...not to mention the closure of the Ogden temple has made it more difficult), I am often tired while saying my prayers, and my scripture study is very, well, interrupted. On one hand I don't feel as spiritual strong as I was in my college (single) days, but on the other hand, I feel closer to heaven than I ever have. This was a weird thing for me until Mike pointed out that I am drawing three lines to heaven right now.  Let me explain.  Imagine we all have a string tied on top of our heads that go straight to heaven (our connection to heaven), when you are a mother, you get an extra string tied to the top of your head for each of your children.  So essentially, I have three strings connecting me to heaven right now.  I try to tell myself that my number one objective is my kids and that one day I will get to the temple more and have hours to study the scriptures.  Still, in the meantime, it would be nice to have a quiet hour sitting by a river in the woods reading my scriptures uninterrupted. 

Whew, I feel better now.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, and don't judge me for my randomness...ok, go ahead and judge me.  I am probably as weird as you think I am! 

Happy Friday!


Rindi said...

Oh, Judi. I love you and your thoughts. I think I am going so crazy with my children that I am ready to go get MYSELF tested for some disorder! We finally made it to the temple this week and I was so tired/uncomfortable that I'm sure I didn't feel the spirit very much. We won't go into my scripture reading/prayers. I am happy to have another baby so that I can have at least one cute person in the house again. My two year old is driving me crazy. And yes, I hate my own voice...especially the tone I have been using lately. And I keep telling myself that my kids are super active too, otherwise I am losing it for no reason.
Anyway, such a great post. I am right there with you!
(But I do like your voice!)
Love, Rindi

Anonymous said...

Judi, remember the other day when we were talking about lessons each mother has to learn as she progresses through the process of raising children? Well, you are learning more lessons and some of them are very hard. Thank you for liking my voice but I have to say that I love your voice. Every mother has such a strong tie to her children that they are the very cutest, smartest, and yes they even have a voice we love to hear. I love you, Mom

kalaiselvisblog said...

hi Judi..

its a very nice post. u r remaining me of how i used to struggle to control my 2 years old son. Its really really hard to raise a child than any other work. They even don't give us time to think of what they will do. Within a second, they finish everything, and again we have to redo all works..

Great post.. keep going...

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