Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's In A Name

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In Romeo and Juliet, the question is asked, "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell so sweet." Possibly, yes, but a beautiful young woman named Dorkus might have a hard life. Choosing a name for a child seems like a huge responsibility. This will be the name they are known by their entire life. This will be the name that they are teased about on the playground. This is the name that will be yelled on a loud speaker at the beginning of their basketball game. IT IS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY!

I am now less than two months away from welcoming a little girl and I don't have a name. I have been trying to figure this out since I found out it was a girl, and I am having a hard time. When we had Vienna, my first, she was baby V for three days. We liked Victoria and Vienna so I knew it would start with a V, but we just couldn't decide. So we called her baby V until they made us choose before we left the hospital. We decided to name her Vienna because that is where my husband served his LDS mission for two years. We thought it would be nice to give her a name that has meaning behind it. I had a friend who after two months changed her daughter's name because she wasn't sure she chose right. Even after doing all that work, she was thinking about changing it again. It is so hard to decide. I hear some people say they need to see the baby to see if the name fits. I disagree. Looking at a smooshed red face does not help me know what they should be called for the rest of their life.

(Here is my little Vienna after waking up. If you know Vienna, you know she has A LOT of hair!)

For some reason, it was a lot easier for my second, Clark. We knew that was the name we wanted early on and so their was no question. He is named after Jaron's boss and mentor who was a major part of Jaron's teenage years. He was killed in a helicopter accident when we started dating. We loved the idea of naming him after this wonderful and generous man.
(My little Clark. This is my favorite picture. What a sweet face! I could just kiss those lips!)

Now we are to the third. I thought it was a boy. I had this deep feeling it was a boy. Again, early on we chose a name (I won't say what so you won't take it:) but we knew what we were going to call him. When the doctor said for sure it was a girl, my first words were, "We don't have a name!" He said, "You have time to figure that out." Well, we are now a lot closer to the end but not closer to a name. Maybe I struggle with girl names. I want a name that is beautiful but also fits a girl who is over six feet tall (my husband is six feet eight inches tall and I have a very tall family so there is no hope for my children. They will be giants.) Last night as we were saying family prayer my husband used the most favorite name of the day in the prayer and I didn't notice. Maybe I wasn't paying attention or maybe it just fit. I am not sure. But we will have to decide in two months because she can't be called baby forever!

Recipe of the day: Jennie-O Hot dogs Gluten Free

I looked on Jennie-O's website and most of their items say Gluten-Free. So we bought some hot dogs and roasted them over the fire. They were so yummy and it was fun to do as a family. Also, Great Value brand Marshmallows say gluten free, so have a hot dog over a fire and some marshmallows tonight! Happy Summer!


Becca Jane said...

I LOVE talking about baby names!!!! Naming our first two was easy too. But we have struggled with #3 too! We don't know the gender, so we are taking both lists to the hospital with us! We're set on a boy name, but have four solid names on the girl list. It's tough!

I loved reading about why/how you chose your names for your children!

Rindi said...

Good luck! I struggle with this too. I am on baby number five and no matter what it is, I have no name for it! I haven't even started thinking about it because until I know what it is, I don't want to waste energy agonizing over a name. Good luck. At least I usually decide by the end!

Rindi said...

Oh by the way, loved the pictures. Vienna is the queen of hair and that IS the cutest picture of Clark EVeR!! Blow it up and frame it and when he is naughty just look at that adorable little face and lips! So cute!!

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