Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snowy Summer

Remember this?

When I was younger, we had this Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. It was first introduced in 1979--my birth year, and was wildly popular. I can't remember if it worked very well, but I totally loved it. Just looking at this picture takes me back in time! The snowman to hold the flavoring, the Snoopy dog on top to push down the ice, the little red shovel...oh, so fun. I love snow cones, especially drenched in lime flavoring!

The other day we were walking through Target when my kids spotted a display for this snow cone machine. They started begging me for it. (One of their friends has one.) I started to say no and walk away. After all, I can't buy every little thing that they passionately want!! But as I was walking away, Snoopy and the Gang popped into my head, and I remembered cranking the handle and scooping out the "snow" with the cute little shovel. I turned for another look at the Target sno-cone machine.
It was kind of sounding good to me too -- a lot of things sound good to a pregnant woman! And it was only $16.99. So off the shelf it went and into our cart, along with some of the flavorings available. The only disappointment was that they didn't have lime! I'm going to have to find some soon. I'm desperate!

Well, it was definitely worth it! We have been making snow cones every day. The kids love it and it is so easy to use! makes such good "snow" that yesterday I ate a whole cup full of it plain. I love to eat snow and we don't get a whole lot of edible snow here in St. George! :)

I'm sure it works WAY better than the Snoopy machine...I just wish it was as cute as that retro one from my past. And guess what, the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine is back on the market. They've reintroduced it! Oh, the things you can discover on the internet. So if you are craving some summer snow, head to Target for the Back-to-Basics Electric Ice Shaver. But if you are craving a blast from the past, head to the internet to order Snoopy and his Sno-Cone Machine. Either way, you'll be cranking out snow cones on a daily basis! Yummy!
Hiking in Snow Canyon...lots of fun, no snow!
Have a wonderfully snowy summer!
Love, Rindi


Millie said...

That snoopy one looks awesome, I don't think it lasted to me so I don't remember it. I do remember the shovel, I always wondered what it was from. We used it for barbies and I even remember pretending to shave my legs with it. Oh the memories. And a snow cone does seem like a good idea right now.

Em Russ said...

I was just cruising through my google reader posts and didn't notice that this was your blog until I saw the snoopy thing and stopped in my tracks. My heart did a little skip and I had waves of nostalgic memories! I LOVED that thing. I think we had one too but I am sure I sampled yours as well! I can't believe LIME is your favorite flavor. I always wondered why they even make lime because I think it is so nasty. How did I not know this about you??

I think I need an snow cone maker... asap!!

Anonymous said...

Rindi, As a mom you will like this snow cone maker much better. The snoopy one left much to be desired. I know that it looks so fun to kids but it didn't always work the best. Somehow our memories are always so good though.

Have fun making snow cones in hot St. George. Love, mom

Haley Kraaima said...

Gotta get one of those! My Evan asks everyday if he can make icees and sell them!
By the way, great blog!
-Haley (Simpson) Kraaima

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