Thursday, June 16, 2011

A BIG thank you to my overused Mini Van

Six years ago just after I had my second daughter, Clint and I purchased a brand new Dodge Grand Caravan. It was so nice with all the bells and whistles you could ask for. It was sparkly clean and new. I felt so spoiled and lucky to get to drive around a new car. Clint told me to keep it clean everyday and it would stay nice. I totally agreed and I loved the van so much that I could not imagine anything different. I took very good care of it… first. Then life hit me! I had three girls under the age of three and they took all of my time and energy. I had nothing left for my beautiful new van. It has been a great van that has transported my family so many places.
-Disneyland five times

-San Francisco to visit Joni while she lived there
-Grand Junction Colorado to visit Katie while she lived there
-Denver a couple of times
-Island park four times
-St. George to northern Utah and back a billion times
-And every other place I have needed to go in the last six years

During all those thousands of miles I did not keep my promise to Clint very well. How could I when I had a screaming child in the back while we are trying to get to our destination and the only thing that calmed her was handing her a snack. The snack only made into her mouth half the time. What about stopping for lunch on the way to Disneyland and before you know it we had fries spilled everywhere. On the way to Island Park a drink that was accidentally spilled all over the seat and carpet.

You want to know something about stow and go, well when crumbs fall from the seat they don’t just stop at the floor they continue down to a scary place that I can never get to. I have been very embarrassed lately about my van. Anytime someone needs to ride with me I cringe knowing they have to see my beautiful van.... not so beautiful anymore.

Two nights ago Clint told me to have the van cleaned out by Friday because he called someone to detail it. I was so happy! So this morning the girls and I took everything out of the van in preparation for the detail. Wow, hopefully I have a game plan for the future because I learned that a crayon left on the floor on a hot St. George summer day does melt and makes it totally impossible to get off. It was not a pretty thing and I am not going to let this detail go to waste. I want to have a nice clean van that stays that way. I announced to the girls that they can no longer bring snacks in the van and they can no longer bring toys in the van. I hope that I can do a better job now that they are 8,6,5 instead of 3,16 months and a newborn. After all it has been such a great van to us and made it possible for us to have so many fun memories. I think it deserves a little love back. Wish me luck!!



Tami said...

Mini vans are so nice with kids. I'm certain you aren't the only people with messy vans. Good luck keeping it clean with this new little babe of yours on it's way! ;) Fun post, Stalee!)

Judi said...

My car looks HORRIBLE right now. I have been practically begging Mike to have us get it detailed. There is root beer spilled, sticky stuff everywhere, crumbs everywhere, and the cup holder...ewww.

Let me know if the detail gets it cleaned!

Anonymous said...

Stalee, I hear you! I loved our green van and I was going to keep it soooo clean. Well, you know how that turned out, you lived it.

Anyway, I hope the detailing works and also very fun post. Love, Mom

Em Russ said...

lol... debi... THE GREEN VAN!!! that thing has so many fond childhood memories wrapped around it. I always wanted to sit on the tire wheel spot...

Stalee, I know exactly what you mean. My van is a disaster! I made the rule of no toys in it and somehow... oh well! Everyone tells me that someday I will have a nice clean car (or house) and then I will miss the messy chaos.

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