Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Memorable Memorial Day!

My little sports fanatic, Austin! What a cutie pie!

We were so excited to have my brother, J.B., and his family come visit St. George for Memorial Day Weekend. That meant that four siblings would be together!! Just as expected, we had a great time. Sunee hosted a family dinner on Sunday, which resembled a Thanksgiving Dinner in every way! It was delicious and so fun. Then Greg and I had everyone over for a BBQ on Memorial Day. We love to have parties at our house. The weather was so beautiful (sorry to all Northern Utahns...maybe your spring will come...maybe...), the food was so good, but the company was better.

On Thursday, we did a little yard work to spruce things up a bit. Okay, I did a little yard work; Greg did a LOT. He replanted and replaced twenty plant around our yard. Let me just tell you, that was hard work! Great job, honey. Lookin' good!

By the way, doesn't our waterfall look awesome? Sunee's husband, Kyle, built it for us. We love it!

While we were at the nursery buying all of the new plants, I spotted a new shipment of Bougainvilleas. I saw these beauties, gasped, and told Greg that under no circumstances could I leave the nursery without one of them. So, he bought me two. Oh, I love that guy! And I'm enjoying every moment of the Bougainvilleas!

While we planted, the kids played in the water. Austin was so darling running through the hose. I love this picture of him with Emma.

Everything looked awesome for Monday's BBQ. And the best part is that I felt well enough to enjoy myself. Here's our food table (Greg was slaving away at the grill making the BEST hamburgers ever!).

This is a shot of just a few of the sixteen kids running around my yard all day. They had so much fun with their cousins.

This next picture is of Stalee, J.B., Rindi (me), and Sunee. Oh, how I love these people. I am so blessed and so lucky to have such a wonderful brother and amazing sisters! (We missed you Katie, Joni, Judi, and Millie...and of course, Mom and Dad!).

After lunch and lots of playing, the kids gathered around to watch Gnomeo & Juliet. That gave the adults some relaxing quiet time to laugh and talk on the back patio. It was a great, great day!

What a memorable Memorial Day! Don't you just love getting together with family? It's the best!

Hope you had a great day too!

Love, Rindi

P.S. We're missing you already, J.B. and family.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you had such a great weekend. I am so thankful to have kids who love to be together. I am also so grateful for my sons-in-law and my daughter-in-law who get along so well, too.
Thanks, Rindi, for the beautiful pictures. I wished I could have been there. Love, Mom

Tami said...

It sounds like you guys did have a ton of fun together! I love the picture of the kids watching the movie. There are kids everywhere and they all look like they are in a trans. Too cute. We missed you all at our Haws Memorial Day party.

Katie said...

oh that made me homesick. I don't get homesick that much anymore but that looks so fun.

Em Russ said...

I agree with Katie, looks like so much fun! And I'm glad you were feeling a little better!

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