Thursday, June 2, 2011

Confessions... written by Judi

So I am in a funk.  A recipe funk (we had Burger Bar for that place).  A creative funk.  A motivation funk.  And I'm blaming it on the weather.  Have I complained about the weather enough yet? 

So in light of my funk-i-ness (did I make that word up?) here are a few confessions from me, a semi-normal, stay-at-home mom who usually has nothing to do all day. 

1. I can't wake up in the morning.  I'm a bear.  It doesn't matter if I have had 10 hours of sleep, I still have a hard time waking up in the morning (but I can't remember the last time I did have 10 hours of sleep!)

2. I cannot resist kissing my little boys (William, 3 and Thomas, 15 months) right on their little mouths after they fall asleep.  Their lips are always so cute and puckered up and I cannot resist it.  One of the best parts of being their mom.

3. I would wear a skirt every day if it were practical.

4. I would drink whole milk if it were socially acceptable and not so fattening.

5. I have sleep anxiety.  When I was little I use to freak out that I wouldn't get enough sleep and then I would end up not being able to sleep because I was so worried about it.  Sometimes it is bad as a mom...because you never know if you are going to get any sleep.  After I had my two babies it was really bad.  Really bad. I went days without sleeping. But I now have a lot of tricks to overcome my little "anxiety" problem and it is no big deal.

6. We have family sing/dance parties.  We crank the radio and sing and dance and laugh.  It's awesome.  Wish you were a fly on the wall? You should, because we are just that good.

7.  I live by a "now" policy.  Don't ask me what my 5 year plan is.  I don't have one.  Don't ask me what we are doing next week.  I don't know.  I only know what we are doing today.  Since I switched to living this way, my life has been so happy.  No more stress or worry.  Just happiness (don't get me wrong, I write things down on calendars and plan ahead and accomplish everything I want, I just don't worry about them until they are happening.)

8. I love getting flowers.  I know they are not practical.  I know they will just die.  I know they are a lot of money and that we should save that money...but, still I love them.  I love having fresh smells and colors in my house.  I love that everytime I glance at the BEAUTIFUL 18 ROSES that mike gave me for our anniversary I remember that he loves me.  I wish I lived in New York and could stop at the corner stand and buy fresh flowers every week.  That would be awesome.

9. I wish I had my moms hair and she wishes she had mine.  She wants long, thick hair...I want short hair that curls up and is done in about 3 minutes.  Hair is always greener on the other person.

10. I have always wanted to be a mom.  Sometimes Mike asks me if I would rather go to work (usually when i am being a bear in the morning *see confession #1) and I always reply, "heck no!"  I love being a mom.  It's hard. It's fun. It's rewarding. It's not rewarding, but overall it is the best job ever.  That being said, If I did have to go to work, I would want to be just like Jim and Pam on the office, working side by side.  Dream for me.  Yes, I like Mike just that much :)

Ok...enough funk-i-ness.

Are you in a funk?  It's the weather isn't it. 

Share a confession...I love being, well, nosey. 


Katie said...

Cute Judi! I am having a hard time cooking too and I do wear a skirt a lot. I am so like you. My confession is I do get nine to ten hours of sleep. Life will get better in the sleep department. Happy summer in NM and winter in utah! Haha sorry it is a little funny when you aren't there.

Jen said...

It IS the weather!!

Here are 3 of my confessions...

1) I don't like playing with toys. I like playing games, I like DOING things (bike riding, sledding, bowling), but I am not the crawl-on-the-floor-playing-cars mom.
2) I'd rather do laundry 15 hours a day than clean my boys' bathroom.
3) I would gladly make Adam be a stay-at-home dad if it meant I could be on the Food Network.

Now I'm inspired. I may have to do the same thing...

Krystal said...

I just did a post like this a few weeks many confessions. It must be the weather. :) You can see mine here:

Things That Make Me Strange

Anonymous said...

Can you post your sleep anxiety solutions? I have that too, but haven't been able to find a cure :(

Judi said...

Spitzie, I tried to post this on your blog...but it won't let me. I hope you come back and see this comment!

Thanks for commenting on the!

Here are some of my tricks to overcome sleep anxiety...

1. keep your sleep routine the same as much as possible. Do the same thing getting ready for bed, go to bed at a reasonable time, ect. ect.

2. I cover my clock so that I don't know how long it is taking me to fall asleep. Then I don't think "AHH, I have been laying here for an hour" and start freaking out.

3. I always sleep with a fan going. The white noise is great for blocking out car noise, husband breathing, ect.

4. I try not to think about sleeping during the day. I don't think about that night because then I will start freaking out that I am not going to be able to sleep. Keep your mind in the moment.

5. Even if I am not sleeping, I try not to panic. I let my mind rest and my body rest. As soon as you panic, you have lost the battle.

6. I try to clear my mind and not think of anything while I am going to sleep.

I hope some of those help!

- Judi

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