Monday, June 20, 2011

It got away from Millie

The other day Robert walked in the door after a day of school and work to find this...

 When I saw the look on his face (luckily this picture doesn't capture the rest of the apartment), all I could say was, "sorry honey, this one kind of got away from me!"

Of course Robert just laughed because he knew what I meant.  

I'm sure my mother is cringing and she's thinking, "Didn't I teach her, 'if you fold each load as they come out...if you wash each dish as you dirty them, if you hang each outfit as you take it off'".  I know mom, I did listen...


sometimes the day just gets away from you.
I think the day can get away from me for a variaty of reasons;
~bad night of sleep
~sickness of any shape or form, for any member of the family
~Stress or being busy for any number of reasons
~or just having one of "those" days.

But sometimes it's not one of those bad things, it could be;
~the weather was too perfect to spend a minute inside doing house work
~Robert has the whole weekend off and we have a few days of good family fun
~Aurora needs so much hugging, kissing and cuddling to let me leave her side
~I get to spend a whole day visiting my mom, sisters and their kids and we spend the whole day in the pool.

Really, when it's the good things, I'm not upset when the day gets away from me, and neither is Robert.

So next time you come into my house and you think a bomb of dishes, laundry or toys has gone off, don't worry, I may not be having a horrible day...

It might be the best day ever.



Rindi said...

Great perspective, Millie! Sometimes the worst messes can mean the best things are going on. And your little apartment still doesn't even look that messy when compared to a big house full of mess! :) Wish I was at the pool with you...

Anonymous said...

Millie, I love your entry. I hope you have a lot of bombs this summer and come and visit us a lot. Love, Mom

Katie said...

So cute Millie! Lots of fun coming up!

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