Monday, May 2, 2011

"I didn't know I was pregnant"

Hello it's Millie again and that means it's if you didn't already know that.  If you're anything like me you have a pile of dishes and laundry from the weekend and a huge to-do list to start off your week.  Also if you're like me you'll be very tempted to procrastinate all of you duties so you can do your favorite things.

Hopefully you're a very good person and your favorite things are to exercise, play with your children, do your homework or solve world hunger.  Sadly those are not my favorite things.  One of my favorite things is the TV.  I am a TV addict and I have been since I was very very young.  I can watch TV all day with out getting a head ache or getting bored.  I have to work hard and make a schedule to limit my TV time, yep like a little kid.  Oh well we all have our vices right?  At least I'm a multi-tasker.  I can do the dishes, clean my house, exercise and play with Aurora all with the TV on.  But like I said I try and have times where I turn the TV off.  For example...

I really like the Today show, but only until 8:30 or 9, after that they just get into the lifestyle stuff and I get bored.  I like to watch it to see what's going on in the country and the weather.  Usually we take a break around eight to watch Curious George (of course I'm teaching Aurora how to love the TV too).  Once the Today show gets boring I usually turn off the TV and go play out side, go for a run or play more with Aurora.  Later in the afternoon I love to watch the Ellen show or Oprah (Robert always makes fun of me, but who cares?) but in the middle of the day the TV comes  on at 11 because that is when my favorite day-time show comes on..."I didn't know I was pregnant."

Have you seen that show?  It is awesome.  It's all about women who found out they were pregnant right before they go into labor.  It sounds insane, it's crazy that people can miss all the signs, but they do!

In all reality I love this show because I wish this would happen to me!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to find out you're pregnant as you're going into labor? Nine months of waiting squished into a few hours, man sounds great to me.  But in all honesty I doubt I would miss a pregnancy...It was pretty obvious I was about to have a baby last time.
Halloween 2009 - 7 months pregnant - We were hillbillies
7 or 8 months pregnant
Our 1st anniversary - two days before Aurora was born
Wow I can't believe I just made these pregnancy pictures available to the public! Ugh, I'm glad I don't look like that right now.  But it proves a point, I don't think Aurora could have surprised us, I was definitely having a baby!

If you think I'm funny about my dream know I'm not the only one.  Judi and I have talked about this several times.  Judi gets very sick when she's pregnant so she would love not to get sick or know about her pregnancy.  We've even wondered if it was a mental thing, maybe if we don't know we're pregnant then we won't feel sick and we won't gain a million pounds.  Maybe, but probably not.

So if I ever show up with a baby don't be surprised, just be happy for me, I got my dream.  And an explanation why I feel so crappy all the time!  And no I'm not pregnant (or maybe I'm about to deliver?), I'm pretty sure Mom's just feel crappy a lot of the time. 

The moral of the TV show is to live a healthy life all the time, you never know when a baby is going to come out of you!

Happy Monday!


Becca Jane said...

This happened to a friend of mine. She delivered a 7 lb baby boy and had NO idea she was pregnant. She was a little larger and said her periods were always wacky. She said she took 4 pregnancy tests and they never came back positive. So weird! I always tell her to go be on that show, lol.

Em Russ said...

oh man, that would be crazy!!

Kendra&Jake said...

Oh Millie, I miss you and Robert a ton. The pic of the hillbillies is probably the best thing since chips in a can. Thanks for sharing your stories with us!

Katie said...

I love that show too.

Rindi said...

That show is insane! OH, the money I would pay to have that happen to me! I just can't see how I wouldn't know! So funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love that last line!

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