Friday, April 1, 2011

Taking inspiration from the neighbor

Another Fun Friday with Judi ~
This is a picture of how I look somedays...minus the blond hair, otherwise...yep, this is me!

I am a stay-at-home mom.  A lot of days this entails having nothing to do.  Don't get me wrong.  I clean, do laundry, clean, cook, clean, bath kids, clean, wipe tears, try to control 3-year-old tantrums, try to control 25-year-old tantrums (my own!), and clean some more, but I usually don't have anywhere I "have" to go. Every morning at 8:30 I see my cute neighbor walk out to her car on her way to work.  She is really pretty.  She is always dressed so nice with high heels, a purse, jewelry, and her long black hair always looks gorgeous.  I have no idea where she works, but I always imagine it is some important job.  Sometimes I feel a tinge on jealousy.  At 8:30 in the morning I am always still in p.j.'s, cleaning the house and getting kids dressed and fed.  I know working is not all it is cracked up to be, in fact I would DIE if I had to go to work every day and am SOOOO grateful that Mike works so hard so I can live my dream of staying home with my children...but, getting dressed up all cute seems nice.

THEN...I had an "lightbulb turning on above my head" moment.  Why couldn't I get ready for work?  I have a fact I have a 24 hour job.  One of the most important, maybe THE most important job in the world.  I was a Mother!  So what did I do.  I headed to the shower.  I got dressed in nice clothes.  Put on some boots, jewelry, make-up, hair done perfectly, and even sprayed some perfume.  I felt good and tried to ignore for a moment the complete DISASTER area that had occured because I had spent 45 minutes getting ready. 

This experience occured a few months ago.  Since then, whenever I start to feel consumed by p.j.'s, snot, cheetos fingers, one-too many tantrums (won't mention who from...), I stop, head to the shower and get all ready for "work."  It makes me feel better.

Are you a stay-at-home mom?  Go get ready for work today.  You will feel better.

Totally love this suit Sandra is wearing in The Proposal.  If I was a rich, single woman working in New York...I would own this suit!


Jen said...

I do the same thing! Only the first thing I do in the morning is put on my workout clothes. That way, if I decide not to work out, I have to change and somehow I hate the idea of changing out of non-sweaty workout clothes. Then, once my morning run/bike/row is over, I have to shower (cause I totally stink) and get ready. There are days (like today) when I get back in grubby clothes because I'm going to be painting all day, but most of the time I put on cute clothes, do my 5 minute face and I'm ready for work (and whoever I run into in the process). And I love the robe picture.

Rindi said...

Actually I was wishing that I owned a cute "house coat" like the top picture. Looks so cute! I agree about getting ready. It is hard to know exactly when or how to get ready for each day!

Anonymous said...

Judi, I think you always look so cute when I see you. I have been so impressed that you get "ready" everyday. Good Job!

I love Sandra's suit too. I love suits. That would be the only reason to get a job! Love, Mom

Em Russ said...

Judi, I thought you should know that I got up and got cuted up two days in a row because of your post!! That is the mark of a great post!!

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