Thursday, March 31, 2011

Close Your Eyes

I Love Thursday's


My husband had a meeting in Las Vegas this last weekend and since it is a quick two hour drive my girls and I tagged along. I was excited to do something fun with the girls. The alternative was to stay home all day alone. My husband a worked crazy amount of hours for the last few weeks, so at least we would get to see him on the drive. When we dropped Clint off at his meeting a quick feeling of panic went to my stomach. I was in Vegas with my three girls and my husband was not with us. I decided I needed to let my girls in on the fear that I felt so that they would be very obedient. After I scared my girls to death about wandering off and strangers, we found a place to park behind one of the hotels.

I had some plans like the M&M factory

water show at the Bellagio, Coke store, and walking by the cool hotels.

It has been a few years since I have been to Las Vegas and I forgot the things you see just walking down the strip. When the first magazine boxes came up of course my girls looked right at it. I was so shocked at what was inside. I guess I totally forgot about the pictures. I had warned them about the dangers of strangers and getting lost, but I forgot to warn them about the more pressing issue, pornography. I immediately told them not to look at the bad pictures. I told them to just look forward because I saw all the cards on the ground. It was awful!

As I was trying to figure out where to go, the girls talked and decided they were going to close their eyes when they saw the magazine rack coming up ahead. I didn’t realize they were closing their eyes until Lucy ran right into a lady. At first I was a little upset with Lucy and as I was about to tell her to watch where she was going, but then I remembered she could not watch. The next time we came upon the magazines Kamree ran right into a light pole. Luckily she did not get hurt and I decided I better watch where they were going for them. Every block I would hear Kamree announce to the girls, "Close your eyes here comes a newspaper stand."

One time a lady started to laugh at the girls because they started closing their eyes and covering their eyes with their hands. It was almost like each time we came upon a stand they upped their defenses. First don’t look, second close your eyes, third close your eyes and cover them with your hand. I felt embarrassed at first when they lady laughed and then thought why would I be embarrassed. I do have to admit it probably did look funny, a woman with three girls all holding hands walking down the strip while the girls were covering their eyes.

We ended up having a great day and I was so proud of my girls. Kamree, who is eight, asked me why people take naked pictures. My only answer was I don’t know Kamree, I don’t know. It was a great time to talk about modesty and keeping your body clean. To be honest I have that same thought, “Why do people take naked pictures?” It causes so much pain in the world today. My three girls were such an example to me on how I should live my life. When things come up in my life that I know I should stay away from I don’t want to just look away, I want to look away, close my eyes and then cover them with my hands. I want to live my life with a pure heart just like they do.



Natalie said...

We were in Vegas last weekend too. We must have been the only two people walking the strip with our kids. We went with casey's parents and One night The boys went to monster trucks, so Molly, casey's mom, and me went to see the show at treasure island. It wad quite the naughty show!!! We ended up leaving the show early because it was so naughty. I just kept thinking how glad I was that Molly was too little to know how bad everything was. I'm glad your girls are so good. Don't you want to just wrap them up and keep them hidden from all of this junk in the world?

Anonymous said...

Stalee, what a fun day and what a great example your girls are to all of us. Thanks for being so brave and being so fun. Love, Mom

Rindi said...

I totally agree! Vegas is kinda crazy. Your girls are so cute and good. I hope u had a fun day anyway. :)

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