Monday, April 11, 2011

Belly Dancing

When I was younger a few of us went with our dad to spend the day in Salt Lake.  I was pretty young so I can't remember why we came to Salt Lake or what we were doing but I remember at one point we were in a park and there was a crowd so we walked over and there was a belly dancing festival going on.  I can't imagine my dad taking several of his young daughters to Salt Lake for the specific purpose of attending a belly dancing festival, but we've done stranger things.   Anyway it was crazy.  I had never seen people move their bellies like that.  In the following days we all tried to learn to roll our stomachs, I think Judi was the only one that was successful.
Well I'm much older now, and still I can't roll my stomach and to tell the truth I don't think I've even tried much since that eventful outing with my dad.  But the other day I was exploring our Comcast On-Demand and guess what?  There is a whole section of free excersice videos.  I was so excited to find that, it's fun to try different work-outs.  There were several dance-workout videos and a few of them are belly dancing!  Turns out it's a great ab work out, funny huh?  So of course I tried it, and no surprise I was horrible.   But it was so much fun and hilarious.  If you need a laugh today and you have Comcast Cable that has On-Demand go to Sports and Fitness ->Exercise TV -> Belly Dancing.  I promise you'll laugh you head off!

Happy Monday, Happy Dancing!


Anonymous said...

Millie, I remember the day you went with Dad. All you girls were so funny about the belly dancing. I don't think our family is made for belly dancing. We don't have the hips for it. (Which is funny because it is belly dancing, not hip dancing). Have fun, Mom

Rindi said...

Try Zumba. I think it is so fun, but it reconfirms that I am not good at dancing!

Clint said...

I agree with Rindi, Zumba is such a work out. I would think belly dancing would be also. That sounds fun Millie. I can just imagine you trying it. That was a fun post.

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