Thursday, March 3, 2011

My breaking point...

Another Fun Friday with Judi!

Do you watch Biggest Loser?

This is the first season I have watched.  American Idol always won over Biggest Loser, but for some reason, I just started watching it instead (maybe I did actually enjoy Simon?!??! and now miss him???!?!?).
 I actually can't stand the end of Biggest Loser where they put you in such suspense over how much the people have lost and usually make you wait for a very long commercial to find out, but I really like when the people get to their "breaking point." This is the point where Jillian has pushed them hard enough that the real issue of why they are hundreds of pounds overweight comes out.  They don't feel their parents are proud of them...something tragic happened in the past that sent them into wreckless eating...ect.

I like this because I think everyone has a "breaking point".  I think we all have issues or experiences that have hurt us or held us back.  If we can get to our breaking point, we will discover the real issue that is holding us back.  Once we discover the real issue, we can overcome it and move forward and change for good. (Don't worry, I am not suggesting we make up some issue that never existed...I'm talking about little things like - I never forgave that person and it is holding me back...I should forgive myself for that mistake I made...I need to get over the fact that I am never going to be 5'3" and 100 lbs...haha! 

I recently discovered something that was holding me back and now I am overcoming that.  When I reach the end of my own personal "biggest loser (minus the weight loss part)" I hope that I am a changed person.  That I am a better person and that I don't let past experiences hold me back.

So get out there and get your spouse or your friend to be Jillian.  Get them yelling in your face, whooping your butt, and asking the hard will get to your breaking point, and you will be better because of it!


Anonymous said...

Judi, you are going to get to your breaking point this weekend. Good Luck, Mom

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the Mrs. Utah competition this week Judi.
Remember, Positive affirmations.

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