Friday, March 18, 2011

5 year anniversary

So we are headed back to San Diego for a few days for a friends wedding and to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We are leaving the kids with the Grandma (thanks!!!!).  We had quite the funny experience with our car the on our this time we are flying!  Here is our experience 5 years ago --

As we headed off to our romantic honeymoon in San Diego, California, we didn’t have a care in the world.   My Dad let us borrow his car, we had our hotel reservation right on the water, our beach equipment, and enough love to end any war.   After 7 hours into the drive, we headed up a rather large hill just outside of Las Vegas.  That is when the car died the first time.  Luckily it started right back up and we made it to our hotel in San Diego.  We decided to head to a little market to get some food and supplies.  That is when our car died the second time.  This time it didn’t start back up.  This was our first debate as a married couple.  My whole life I had turned to my parents, my dad in particular with any problem, so naturally I wanted to call my dad.  Mike hesitated.  Wasn’t he supposed to be the one to fix our problems now as the man of the house? Well, I turned on the charm and a few minutes later, we were on the phone with my Dad.  He called trusty Triple AAA and 45 minutes later a tow truck showed up and off our car went.  We both looked at each other as we wondered if our car was now headed to be sold  illegally.  We decided whether our car came back or not, we were going to the beach.  Later that night, Mike called a Taxi and gave the driver the address to the auto repair shop.  As he drove away in the taxi, I wondered again if now Mike was being taken to be sold illegally.  Mike came back with the car!  Boy was I relieved (and so was my Dad who was feeling guilty about sending us with a defective car.)  A magical few days later, we packed up to head home.  That is when the car died the third time.  Another call to my dad, another 45 minute wait for Triple AAA, a jump-start and we were on our way.  Mike felt like a dog with his tail between his legs and informed me that we were not stopping until we got home.  Two hours later we were pulled over at a gas station because I couldn’t hold it a minute longer (Mike is easily persuaded!) This is when the car died the fourth time.  Another call to my dad, another 45 minute wait for Triple AAA, and this time a tow to a local motel and a good luck from the driver as he left us in the parking lot with a broken car.  My dad had had enough.  My brother-in-law Kyle (Sunee's Husband) drove many, many hours, rented a tow trailer, hooked the cursed car on, and put us in the back seat for a long ride home.  We met my dad half way home and he towed us the rest of the way. What a way to start our independence as a married couple! Thanks Dad and Kyle for picking us up from our honeymoon.

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Anonymous said...

Judi, I hope you guys have a better second honeymoon. Sorry about the car. Dad and I still feel bad that you had so much problem. We also said that we would never go on one of our kids honeymoons. We hope driving you home from California doesn't count. Have a fun trip. Love, Mom

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