Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ode to Toilet Paper

Welcome to fun Fridays with Judi!

So, remember how I lived in a hotel for a year?  Remember how the maids brought a fresh roll of toilet paper everyday and I never even thought about if we had enough toilet paper?  Well, let's just say I was out of practice of "buying" toilet paper and well...we ran out...Completely out...On Sunday...While Mike's parents were at our house visiting for the weekend.  Before I noticed that the toilet paper was running out, I kept noticing Mike's parents going upstairs to use the bathroom.  Then I realized that the toilet paper was completely out downstairs and they were going up to use the last few squares of toilet paper remaining and were perhaps just too polite to say anything.  Sorry Hal and Patti!  Running out of toilet paper sent Mike and I down a roller coaster of toilet paper talk.  Enjoy our reminising and contemplation on toilet paper.

Mike knew a missionary companionship on his LDS mission that literally had to have the mission president intervene because there was such tension over whether toilet paper should roll over the top, or under the bottom.  (If you have kids you will put it out the bottom to avoid the common problem of one swipe and the whole roll it on the ground.  Now, contemplate this.  When the whole roll is on the ground, thanks to William and Thomas, do you throw it away or pick it up on still use it?)

We had a neighbor growing up who was awesome.  She was hilarious.  My mom tells me she would call on the phone and ask my mom if she could borrow a roll of toilet paper.  Then she would ask my mom if she wouldn't mind bringing it over...and coming inside...and coming to the top of the stairs...and throwing the roll into the bathroom...she was on the toilet.  So funny.

When I was younger, I would go into the bathroom and notice that the toilet paper was out, instead of going downstairs to get more, I would know, do my business and then yell for my sister Millie to get more toilet paper.  Rude, I know.

My brother-in-law Kyle (Sunee's husband) will only use blue charmin.  I grew up using basically newspaper it was so rough, so when I go to Sunee and Kyles house, blue charmin is like heaven.

So in the end, we used some paper towels and baby wipes and survived till monday morning and headed to target and bought toilet paper for the first time since 2009 and no, we didn't splurge for blue charmin, but settled for angel soft (I was tempted to get cottonelle just because of that cute dog on their commercial.  I am not a dog person, but seeing that cute puppy in the doggy spa...just makes me want a puppy!)

Happy wiping!


Tami said...

Judes, what a fun post. How embarrassing to run out of toilet paper when your in laws were visiting. I can totally see why you would forget that though! I just wonder of you fold the first little square into a triangle at your house. :)
I think it is funny that Tiff called you guys too. We had several times we delivered to the throne as well. How funny. I miss the simple life we used to have where we never had to worry about buying or running out of toilet paper. I enjoyed your thoughts, Judi.

Anonymous said...

Judi, that was so funny. I haven't bought toilet paper from the store for a long time. We have bought toilet paper by the case since we opened the Burger Bar. I would have been glad to give you some of our sandpaper that we call toilet paper.

So Funny, Love Mom

Em Russ said...

I (like Tam) remember the TP deliveries next door too. So funny!! Johnny and I are TP snobs and only get the good stuff too. If I lived in a hotel I would have to have my own secret stash or I would go crazy!!

Lisa Michelle said...

Haha, this reminds me of my Valentine's Day present from you! :) Oh good times in Lib Square...

Noelle said...

I am sending my husband that image of the "right vs. wrong" way to have the toilet paper IMMEDIATELY! It will just be "proof" that I do it the right way.

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