Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love Thursdays
Sister #4 Stalee

I have three daughters who combined have a lot of hair. One thing I love about being a mom of girls is I get to play dress up as an adult. It is so fun for me to get the girls all dolled up. Sometimes they like it and sometimes they don’t. They all have long beautiful hair and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

When Kamree was about two I had my second daughter Lucy. Shortly after Lucy was born I noticed a crazy amount of hair on Kamree’s pillow. As the days went on she started to lose her hair in handfuls. It was very frightening. I started to think the worst so I took her to the doctor. The end result was stress due to our new addition Lucy. I did not believe that at first, but after the exact same thing happened with Lucy when I had Maggie, I guess it was true.

What do you think...does Lucy look stressed? She has almost no more hair and she is crying!

Let me tell you, it made me feel like the worst mom in the world. My girls were so stressed out that they lost their hair…wow, mother of the year??? They both went through a rough stage, but after some time their hair started to grow back. That was a relief!

Daughters with long hair do come with disadvantages however. Every time I wash their hair I end up having back spasms because it takes so long. The amount of conditioner it takes to keep their hair manageable is insane. Then comes the brushing….it sounds like I am killing them. Beauty comes with a price right?

I have been a little bored with my standby hair styles. There is a site that I love to go to whenever I need a few more ideas. It is . So when Valentine's Day came around on Monday I tried to pull out a fun Valentine's hair do. The girls loved it.

If you have girls and need a few more ideas, check out this website. It has been very easy and fun to try new stuff.
I'm just sayin’


milbert said...

I can't wait to do Aurora's hair...if only she had any! I love brushing your girl's hair. Good thing I have a "magic" brush!

Judi said...

Awesome heart hairdo! Love it

Tami said...

I love the picture of Lucy's missing hair... She looks so sad in the picture! Stalee, your girls are so cute and I have always thought they have beautiful hair! I hope someday I will have girls I can do their hair with creative hairdoos. Love the post, Sta. Sure miss having you around though.

Em Russ said...

A-MAZING!! Can't believe you do all that hair every day and you do it so well! I was so glad Alex was a boy because I didn't want to have to do another head of hair every day!!

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