Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Sunee on Sunday

A few years back, Kyle was going to a client's house on Valentine's Day. When the lady answered the door she was a total mess, and proceeded to apologize frantically about the total state of chaos that the house and kids were in. "Sorry the house is a mess, sorry I am a mess, sorry I'm still in my PJ's in the middle of the day, sorry the kids are running around naked, looking like orphans", (I think we have ALL had these Days!!)....Kyle is a really laid back guy and really didn't think much about the whole situation. The client then went on to tell him, that the reason for the disaster, was Valentine's Day. She had spent all morning making her husband the most wonderful Valentine's Day present. Kyle was thrilled to find out that it was the gift every red blooded man wants from his love for Valentine's Day,....A Scrapbook!!!!
So, in honor of Kyle's disappointment at never receiving a scrapbook for Valentines....Happy Valentines my Love!!!

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Today was also a special occasion for our extended family. Our niece Kristin got married! It is always fun to go to a wedding and remember all the excitement of our wedding day, 15 years ago!!! The man performing the marriage had some wonderful words of advice. He told the couple that it was all the little things that they would do that would add up to the "big" things. I so agree. It's the little glances shared across a crowded room. It's the tender kiss as he leaves for work. It's the phone call just to see if you are OK on a hard day. It's the laughing till your sides hurt. It's the shoulder to cry on when life is just too tough. It's the hand to hold when your scared. It's the hug that warms your heart and soul. It's your best friend, your favorite companion, your husband. I love you with all of My Heart Kyle!! Happy Valentines Day!!


Anonymous said...

Sunee, that was so funny and so tender. I laughed so hard thinking of Kyle getting a scrapebook for any occasion. But your message was so tender about the glance across the room. I loved especially the shoulder to cry on when life just gets too tough. The pictures were so fun. Dad loved them too. Love, Mom

Alli E. said...

Very sweet!

Judi said...

I also loved the part about a "glance across the room" part! That describes the love in marriage perfectly. Thanks for sharing

Em Russ said...

I still remember sitting in the car late at night (after Burger Bar) and listening to your stories about Kyle. So dreamy!! Glad you're still as in love as ever!!

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