Thursday, February 10, 2011

The choice is yours at Chuck-a-rama

Welcome to fun friday's with Judi!

Chuck-a-rama: (n) also known as up-chuck-a-rama, an all-American eatery that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater because the choice is yours at Chuck-a-rama.
By Friday night I am tired.  As my sister Joni said, “It should be a crime to cook on Friday night.”  After a long week in the house, I am ready for a night on the town! When we can, Mike and I go on a date. When we can’t get a babysitter, we do a family date night.   Last Friday afternoon I got a text from Mike that said, “Where we going to eat tonight?”  Where did I choose for my night on the town?!??!  Chuck-a-rama!
I think my brothers-in-law Greg and Clint would rather die that go to “up-chuck-a-rama,” but how could you refuse the chance to eat and eat and eat and eat and…

First I make a huge salad, then a plate of hot food, then another plate of hot food, throw in a couple of rolls, a couple of sodas, and a plate (not just a bowl, but a PLATE) of desserts and yummy…I am full to the brim.

William loved it.  Thomas loved it.  Mike loved it. I loved it. The lady next to us loved it.  All the people in the half hour wait to get in loved it.  It’s just a lovable place. 
We heard a lady say to her husband as she was walking out, “honey, go get the car, I am so full I can’t walk another step!”  And that is how you feel when you leave Chuck-a-rama.  FULL.
So if you are looking for a good American piggery…get the family and go for a family date night to Chuck-a-rama.  Your stomach will smile.  

p.s. I am always afraid that someone is secretly videoing me while I am literally shoving fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cinnamon pull-aparts, and ice cream in my face.  It would make a great blackmail video!


Eardley Family said...

I love it. Fridays are my favorite they are Fish night!!


Clint said...

Thanks a lot Judi. Now my mouth is watering thinking about Chuck-a-Rama. Since my husband is the Clint you refered to in your post I NEVER get to go.

weston's said...

That last post was by Stalee not Clint. I guess I am not signed in.

Rachel said...

My grandparents love Chuck-A-Rama so much they go at least once a week! Every time we go out to eat with them where we're going is a no-brainer. I have so many memories there, including those amazing scones, I could eat one every day!

Em Russ said...

LOL, I am totally cracking up Judi!! I'm sure that you can actually only eat a few bites since you're so tiny... Glad you had a night on the town!!

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