Friday, November 4, 2011

Can you handle the little things??...written by Judi

You know all those little things in life (like flossing) that I can't handle?  Can you handle the little things?  Here are some things I should probably do, but don't...

1. Brush my teeth gentle and in small circles. When I brush my teeth it is like taking an electric sander to them.  I brush hard and fast and every time I go to the dentist they warn my that my enamel is receding.  I just can't handle doing it slow.

2. Taking a daily vitamin.  I don't do it. I can't handle worrying about it.  (Lets just say I am lucky if I take one while I am pregnant.  I just don't remember and don't do it often enough.)

3. Loading my dishwasher correctly.  I make a lot of my food homemade and I produce a ton of dishes.  I stuff as many dishes in as possible and then turn it on super hot and call it good. 

4.  Washing my clothes in whites and darks.  I turn it on cold, throw them in, throw in plenty of soap and go for it.  Surprisingly I have never noticed a difference of washing them separate or together. 

(while I am writing this, William (my 3 year old) just said, "Mom, I want to dump out all the Halloween candy!"  and I said, "OK"...another little thing I didn't worry about :)

5.  Folding the little kitchen towels.  They always get unfolded when they are ripped out of the drawer anyways so now I don't bother folding them and rather stuff them in the bottom drawer, shut the drawer and don't worry another second about it.  :)

OK, those are just a few of the millions of little things that I don't worry about because if I worry about all the little things, some of the big things (like feeding children, playing and hugging, ready stories, and generally living) will not get done.  So, if you see me and I look put together and my house is clean and my kids are clean and I am in my Sunday best, just know I haven't done any of the little things.  :)

I might have to pay for a few more cavities to be filled...but at least I will have my sanity and my kids will be loved. Right? 

Buzz and Woody on Halloween


Lucy said...

Hey Judy! This is Lucy (Brian's wife) and I love this post! I've been reading your blog for a while and love it. You can be perfectly hilarious and I really enjoy it. Your boys are also darling!! I don't worry about some of those things too-- and lot's of other things. You probably think I don't worry about writing thank you notes :) ...I actually do...a lot-- which means I'm worrying all the time because I still haven't gotten to all of them after having Elna. (and believe it or not, about 5 from the wedding-- but those are because Brian hasn't gotten me the addresses...) Thank you for the darling blanket for Elna. We love it!

Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since I have commented on the blog. It isn't because I don't read it or I don't care. My computer has been so slow and especially on this blog. For some reason it is working better today. I loved your entry. You wouldn't believe how many things I didn't worry about when you were little. Many of them I still don't worry about. Life is too short to worry about the little towels. Have a beautiful, worry free day. Love, Mom

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