Friday, October 14, 2011

Tip-toeing with much Trepidation...written by Judi

You know those moments when life seem perfect?  Right now is one of those moments and here is why...

1. My youngest is getting older.  He is saying a few words and he will play with toys by himself and he will watch T.V. (horrible, I know, but I always look forward till the day they can watch t.v. so I can have a FEW minutes of quiet!)

2. My Oldest just started preschool and is loving it and we are seeing big improvements in attitude and behavior.

3.  My husband likes his job and is generally happy with life

4.  I feel strong and healthy and wake up each day rested.  So much of having a young baby or being pregnant is dragging yourself through the day and night.  Right now, things are very calm and I am happy about it.

5.  I have the perfect balance between calm, relaxing days and busy, fun days.  There is nothing pressing or urgent that I have to do, but I can always find things for us to do if we are bored.

Now here is where the trepidation comes in.  I know life can't stay this way.  Why do I know this?  Life doesn't stand still and here is why I am tiptoeing in this perfect moment.

1. I know that as my oldest gets older, inevitably we will get busier.  I am sure we will get him into little league sports eventually, school, homework, piano lessons...ect.   I watch my sisters and friends and see their lives spiral into a crazy busy turn-table and sit here and think, "Will my life get that crazy???"

2.  I am just about to head into the terrible T's with my youngest.  Agest 2 and 3 are difficult and very difficult for a slow talker like he is.  He knows what he wants and can't tell me.

3.  Eventually life will probably call for more children...more pregnancies, more sicknesses, more depressions, more anxieties, more newborns, less sleep, more stress....

And lastly, life can't possibly stay this good, can it?  Something's gotta give :)   And if your life has been full of bad times lately, know that something has gotta give for you the opposite direction.   Good times have got to be headed your way.   So here's to the good times, the bad times, and the perpetual ebb tide.  

Just glad I'm living at high tide for the moment. 

And I know next time I am at low tide, that high tide will be just around the corner. 

And that is why I am tip-toeing with much trepidation in this perfect moment :)

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