Thursday, June 23, 2011

I want my Judi

What is it about Moms?  So...tell me you have not had this experience, cause I am pretty sure everyone has.  You have been holding things together pretty well.  You are chugging along trying to make it and then your mom shows up and WHAM, all emotions and pain you have been holding in just come pouring out and you have to let your mom know just how bad it is! I remember an experience after I had Thomas and was having major Postpartum Anxiety and I knew my mom was going to call and check on me and I kept repeating in my head, "be strong, be strong, don't let mom know how bad you are doing" and as soon as I answered the phone, before I could even say hello, I burst into tears!  So much for being strong.

Poor Moms! They always get all of the whining and crying.

Thomas has been very sick this week. He has had a high fever for DAYS and has cried for DAYS (don't worry, I took him to the doctor and $100 dollars later, it is a virus that must run its course...ughh!).  The only way we could get him to calm down was to take him outside.  So last night when he would not stop crying, Mike took him outside to calm him down.  I could hear him outside the door calming down.  I could even hear him laughing a little with Mike, BUT as soon as they came back in...Thomas ran to me and buried his little face in my shoulder and just cried as if to say, "I was trying to be brave for Daddy, but Mom, I have to let you know that I am still hurting."

Poor kid...being sick is not fun!

It's a rough life always being the one to hear all of the whining and crying (if you don't believe me...ask my mom how much whining and crying she gets from us seven girls even as grown adults.)  BUT there is something comforting knowing that someone needs you.  It's nice to be needed, isn't it?

Yeah.  It is nice to be needed.


Rindi said...

That is so true! Sometimes I'll purposely NOT call mom because I know that I will only cry about things. But still, whenever ANYTHING happens, my first thought is, "Call mom!" Thank goodness for moms. I hope Thomas gets better, poor thing!

Anonymous said...

Judi, I think you are a great mom and so your boys will always want their mom. Also, I hope you always need me. Call me always. Love, Mom

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