Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tiny Heartbeat

Last week, while I was reclining on the crinkly paper of my doctor's exam table, a million thoughts ran through my mind. But the moment I heard that familiar whoosh, swoosh, whoosh, swoosh beating rapidly from the little monitor, I had only one thought: another little precious baby! Tears immediately sprang to my eyes, probably surprising the doctor and the nurse as well as surprising me! I started to apologize for the tears, saying, "I'm sorry, it's just been so hard...and this makes it all worth it." Then the tears started flowing a little more freely. I'll blame it on the hormones, but I never tire of hearing that little heartbeat pounding so furiously from something so tiny inside of me. Part of me can't believe that I am doing this again--for the fifth time! But another part of me is ecstatic that I am making my way closer to that most rewarding day in the hospital when I'll meet, for the fifth time, another precious spirit...straight from heaven.

Just after delivering my fourth baby!

Pregnancy is really hard for me. I'll just say that. I've already been so sick for so long and I've got a long way to go! But even though I've got heartburn and nausea and I'm throwing up half the time and I've got a house and four kids to take care of and I'm tired and sick, thank heavens for that tiny heartbeat which, for me, makes it all worth it!

But seriously, five kids?? That's a lot, right? :)

Love, Rindi


Kate said...

Oh, Rindi! Congrats! So exciting. Yes, 5 is a LOT. I remember how sick you were way back in Toledo. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Kim T. said...

Hi Rindi! I know, it has been a long time. Beth Stewart told me about your blog. I have so enjoyed reading your posts, along with your sisters! What an amazing family you have! Congrats on baby number five! Five kids are wonderful - I am totally biased. We ended up with 4 girls and a boy, it's perfect. You're an amazing mom. It will be a breeze for you!

Tami said...

Rindi!!!! Congrats! You are right, there is nothing like that feeling of hearing the heartbeat of a tiny fetus. Love it! Congrats to you and Greg! I bet your kids are thrilled.

Kim T. said...

Hi Rindi! Kim here again! Yeah, our blog is pretty much the kids and I writing back and forth to Robert. He started a job in AZ in January. We are headed there in June. He was pretty insistent that we do a blog. I can't blame him. If the tables were turned, I would want to see the kids and him! I probably need to put an explantation on our front page. Anyway, it was great hearing from you!

Em Russ said...

oh Rins... I know that having another babe is sort of an act of faith for you. I know how miserable you are! And I know how happy you must be!! Congrats and hang in there! Wish I could come clean your house for you!!

Anonymous said...

Rindi, You will soon have a sweet little one in your arms.

I just read a quote about mothers.

"Being a mother is really hard. If it wasn't more fathers would try it."

You will have your family for eternity. This 9 months will feel like a moment.

Love, Mom

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