Friday, May 13, 2011

Sunshine = Happy by Judi

Tuesday was one of those days. 
I may or may not have almost electrocuted myself while unplugging a cord.
I may or may not have spilled a large amount of nesquick.
I may or may not have worn a sweatshirt and ponytail and no makeup to the store.
I may or may not have called Thomas a “little stinker” 200 times (dang molars coming in).

I may or may not have eaten chips and salsa (and only chips and salsa) for lunch.
I may or may not have cursed the weather.
So what did we do after one of those days?  We willed spring to come back.  We got our bikes ready. 

We planted our flowers. 

We dressed in shorts, even though it was 45 degrees outside. 

We gave buzz haircuts all around…and we did a little sunshine dance.

Apparently it worked.  Today was absolutely beautiful.  Isn’t it amazing how happy a sunny day can make you feel?  We went to the park, we rode bikes, we played baseball, and I read my book under the shade of a tree while the boys hit things with sticks (one thing I am learning about little boys, give them a stick and some freedom and they are happy).
So here to a Spring that is here to stay, a Summer full of happiness and fun, and a lot of Sunny Days and Happy Faces! 


Em Russ said...


Lisa Michelle said...

So cute! And I can't believe how big Thomas is getting. p.s. Good tip about the sticks. :)

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