Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

I told my mom that I wasn't going to post anything today. I'm too sick. But then she told me that I should just post a message that says, "I'm sick!" So that's exactly what I'm doing. No amazing insight, no wonderful essay, no uplifting message today. Just a few words to say I'm sick. I don't know why pregnancy is so difficult for me, but it is!! I'm fifteen weeks and I figure that I have ten really bad weeks left. I'm super discouraged right now and just trying to breath through each moment. But all this is sooooo boring to blog about.... Who wants to read about being sick??

Today is the last day of school. Here is a fun shot of my girls on crazy hair day.

Aren't they cute? They were each soooo worth nine months of misery. And I can't wait to meet my next little baby. It will be so worth it...if I can just live until then...



Judi said...

rindi! I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration for being willing to do this 5 times. I hope you have at least a moment of releif today, you deserve it.

p.s. you are reminding me what it is like to be pregnant and I am freaking out inside when I think about doing it again. How do you do it!?!?!?!?

Em Russ said...

Oh Rins... I am so sorry! So, so, sorry!! Hang in there. You'll be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

rindi, I am so proud of you. First, for writing an entry on how you really feel.
Second, for being willing to bring another sweet little one to a wonderful family. I know how hard it is for you. You will make it! Dad and I are praying for you every night.

I wished I lived closer so I could help. Keep your chin up. This too will pass.

Love, Mom

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