Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you a Waver or a Flipper??? written by Judi

We were driving down the road last week and there was a group of teenagers waiting for the bus on the side of the road.  Mike waved at them.  They flipped us off.  Hmmm....

This started me down a long road of thinking and analyzing life.  Are you a life analyzer?  I am.  I really started to ask myself, am I a waver or a flipper?  Do I live life happy, energized, kind, giving, and friendly.  Or do I have a bad outlook on everything, think everybody is out to get me and offend me, and am overall grumpy about life?

I guess it depends on the day, the hour, the amount of times Thomas has cried and said "uh, uh, uh, ughh..."

But, I want to be a waver.  And that counts for something, right???

Did you know that having kids can have ill effects on your mood?  Yeah, I don't think anybody warned me of that.  I never use to get I get PMS x 20.  I never use to get offended I wear my feelings on my sleeves.  I never use to snap at people (mostly people in my own little household) and now...I snap like a turtle. But I find it funny that I am this way, and I think that helps a ton, actually!

example:  We were about to eat dinner a few months ago.  You know the drill.  Its been a long day chasing kids.  You are trying to have dinner ready, look decent yourself, have the house clean and the kids happy when you hubby gets home.  That is a hard task!  Well, I swear everybody was crying for the entire 30 minutes it took to get dinner ready and I was, well, frazzled.  As we were sitting down to dinner, Mike and William were having a little argument, well more like a discussion, on who was going to say the prayer.  I then yelled, YELLED, "Will somebody just Pray?  Right NOW!"  Mike said a quick prayer, a very quick prayer.  I then busted up laughing.  Was that me?  Did I really just yell at Mike to say a prayer???  All I could do was to laugh and apologize for that little outburst.  It really was a funny experience.

I am not a layed back person, but I am trying to become one and I like being layed back.  I like being "happy-go-lucky."  You spilled milk all over the floor?  So what. You used my hair as a handle to get off the couch? No problem.  Every piece of clothing I put on is dirty and I didn't realize it?  Who's going to notice anyway?  It's actually a good way to overcome the hiding "flipper" inside me.

And in case you are thinking, "Wow, Judi, you have problems!"  Know this. I am HAPPIER right now in my life than I ever have been.  And I say that in all seriousness.  I will take my PMS x 20 and my little outbursts that make me laugh later, because life is good.  I enjoy every day of my life right now.  I love my munchkins and I love Mike and I love the person that I am, and that makes me happy!

So if you are in a "Flipper" mood today...turn that Flip upside down and Wave that Flip away (I know, that was a long stretch on trying to be clever!)


Rindi said...

Judi, that was such a cute post! I loved every bit of it. I always feel like I didn't have one bad mood in my entire life until I got married and became a mom! But really, my patience was never tested like this...ever! Oh, the joys. Great post. I loved it.
Love, Rindi

Millie said...

Oh Judi you are so funny. I am in a flipper mood today I have to admit. I hate feeling grouchy on Sunday too. Oh well Sunday's are hard. I'll try and turn my flip around and add a few fingers.

Anonymous said...

Well, Judi, I have never flipped anyone off but I will admit that there has been times that I felt like it.

I hope we can all wave with all five fingers and with a smile


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