Monday, May 23, 2011


Come, join me on this Marvelous Monday with Millie as I take you with me on a tour of my trip to ALASKA!

I don't think I had any doubt that I would love this vacation.  Here are my reasons:
1. I love Robert and I love spending time with him...
Us in Vancouver before we got on the Ship
Robert and I in Hoonah, Alaska with the ship behind us.  We saw lots of whales this day.
Us again in Hoonah on the "Nature Walk", It was free and beautiful.
Robert and I in Glacier Bay, man it was cold!
Us Whale watching in Juneau, Alaska
2. I love Robert's family and we love spending time with them...
but sadly I don't have any group sister-in-law had an awesome camera so she took all the group shots.  They're on facebook.

3. I love the Geography.  I am totally a geography nerd and Robert really saw that side of me over the trip.  I can get so excited about mountains!
That snow caped mountain in the middle was my favorite out of all the mountains around Vancouver.
This bay was gorgeous, I could have stayed on this beach forever.
The mountains and the moon over the little town of Hoonah.
The mountains rise dramatically around historic Juneau.
4. I love whales!  If I had to be an animal I would definitely want to be a whale.  They are so beautiful and graceful, especially for how large they are.  And to be able to lose 20% of your weight after having a baby...sounds good to me!  

We went out on a whale watching tour in Juneau and sadly our camera could not zoom enough to get good pictures, but we saw a mama and baby whale (and several others).  This baby was so playful jumping out of the water and the mom got into it too.  She would splash her tail and roll around slapping her fins on the water, it was amazing.
Bad picture but that dark thing is a baby humpback whale jumping out of the water.
If you could zoom in you would see the awesome tail fin gliding into the water.
There are always giant Sea Lions on this hazard marker.  I'm not going to lie, they didn't move once and we thought they looked dead.
This is an awesome little light house and estate.  The caretaker who lives there is the only one who lives on this island.  I should say only person.  It's a good size island and there is one brown bear (aka grizzle) for ever square mile of this island.  That's a lot of Grizzlies!
5. Last but definitely not least, I LOVE GLACIERS! 
The great Hubbard Glacier coming into Glacier Bay.  This baby was huge, this picture was taken when we were still miles away.  The ice flow was too thick because we were so early in the season, we couldn't get closer than two miles away.
Robert looking at the slushy ice flow we were plowing through...we tried not to think about the Titanic
Glacier bay was super cold, but I was so happy to be there!
This is how I stayed for a lot of the trip, bundled up with binoculars glued to my face!
Seeing glaciers in real life was the one thing I was looking forward to most about this trip.  I've studied so much about glaciers and how they shape the world.  I've even studied about the very glaciers we saw.  I was so excited to see the Mendenhal Glacier I was shaking.   
I can't believe I'm standing at the foot of Mendenhal Glacier!!!

That's right Glacier+Robert+Millie=Love...I was a little giddy...
A cool spot on the glacier with a little (well actually pretty big) waterfall.  Cool random fact, you can take a picture through your binoculars and it will add more zoom to your camera!

This was another awesome waterfall by the M. Glacier.  Yup that's me on that rock.  You can't tell but the rock is surrounded by water and I'm being over come by mist.  It was really cool, but very cold.

 Well those are five of the reasons I loved this trip.  Not to mention the awesome food, cool towns, late night dance parties, amazing shows on the ship and all the bonding that went on with the Lewis family.  To say goodbye here are just a few more random pictures...
Awesome huh?  We asked the bus driver to slow way down so we could get a picture of the sign.  Of course this made me a little homesick for our sweet Aurora...but I got over it pretty well.  I only cried once on this trip because I missed Aurora!  I think that was pretty good for an 8 day vacation.

Of course we saw totem poles and native carvings, Robert couldn't resist giving the eagle a kiss.

This totem pole is just in someone's front yard.  The sign said he got it for his wife, named Millie...

Have a wonderful day and a great new week!



Kenzi Dawn said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun!!! I wish I could go on a cruise :/

Becca Jane said...

Wow, looks fun and SOOO beautiful! Glad you got to enjoy some getaway time with your man!

Rindi said...

Looks so awesome. I'm glad you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Millie, your pictures are beautiful and brought back so many memories from when Dad and I went on an Alaskan cruise.

I am glad you had such a fantastic time and I am so thankful you got home safely. Love, Mom

Katie said...

So cool Millie. I am so jealous!

Orton Family said...

Fun post Millie! We had a great time- thanks for the fun! Love you two - good luck on the tests!

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