Thursday, April 7, 2011

Party like it's your Birthday!

So...there is a good 2-3 inches of snow outside right now.  Yes, it really is April. (At least i think it is.  I swear at a stay-at-home mom I almost NEVER know what date it is.)

We have been inside ALL week.  Sickness has passed from Thomas boy, to me, to William, and I am sure Mike will be shortly behind us. 

Lets just say this week has been a little, well, dull.

We have painted, crafted, cut, colored, played, cooked (I made cookies intending to walk them over to a neighbor I haven't met yet, but then I realized I didn't have any paper plates or ziploc bags in which to transfer the cookies.  Needless to say, I don't have to worry about walking it over to the neighbors anymore.  I ate all the cookies.  Did I mention this week has been a little dull?)

Here is the beloved birthday hat.
My mom gave William some birthday hats he found at her house a couple of weeks ago.  He wore that birthday hat for 2 weeks straight.  One of the days he asked, "Mom? Is today your birthday?"  We decided to do a pretend birthday.  I pretended like it was my birthday.  I felt special.  We blew candles.  We wrapped "presents" from the hall closet in newspaper.  It was super fun. You know that excited, a little bit giddy, feeling you have on your birthday?  Well, I thought...what the heck? I am going to go all out and act like today is my birthday. 

Thomas on his actual b-day
Having a dull day...week...a.k.a. snow in APRIL????  Pull out the birthday presents, candles, get all dolled up and gather your little munchkins around and have a pretend birthday.  Don't forget the happy-go-lucky feeling that you have on your actual birthday.

"A very un-happy birthday to YOU!"
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything besides the fact that we got this drawn while we were in San Diego at a friends wedding and we think it is so hilarious and doesn't look anything like least we hope we don't look like that.  We have it framed and up on the wall right next to the boys pictures.  We are awesome.  I bet you wish you had an awesome picture like this hanging above you mantle!!!!!

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Rindi said...

Judi, I'm sorry the weather is so bad and boring! I laughed really hard at the last picture! That is such a great picture!! You look like some sassy Hollywood person. Anyway, so funny! :)

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