Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh how I love the Dentist!

No Cavity Club by Stalee
If you read our crazy post about our sisters weekend, well here is an explanation on my dentist troubles.

When I was a kid our dentist had a “no cavity club”. When you were pronounced, by the dentist, cavity free you got your pictures taken and he hung it proudly on his wall. My mom took us to the dentist faithfully every six months and I think I had my picture taken ONE TIME. I had a few sisters ( I won’t name) that had their picture taken almost every time. Let’s just say I was a little jealous. I tried to brush my teeth and floss, but I guess it just was not meant to be.

I now have children and I have to say my record is not getting any better when it comes to cavities. When it was time to take my girls to the dentist I had heard that pediatric dentists were the way to go with little kids so that is what I did. It was such a cute place and I thought I was happy about my choice. Lucy(who was four) went in to get a few cavities filled and came out with seven caps, one pulled tooth and tears rolling down her cheek. It was awful. Next Maggie(who was three) went in for two cavities and came out with four caps. I was shocked but I thought he was the expert, not me, so I trusted him. My bill was HUGE. It took us some time to pay it off. That was about two years ago and the tooth problem has not stopped.

About six months ago Lucy had an abscessed tooth above one of her caps. Our new dentist had no choice but to pull it. I could not believe I paid so much money for a tooth that had to be pulled a year later. It was then that I realized one of her capped molars was loose and about a month later it fell out. I started wondering if all my money was worth the results. Then a couple of night ago one of Maggie’s (who is now four) capped molar teeth fell out. Little girls are not supposed to lose their molar teeth! The girls have been very happy about the lost teeth, but it is freaking me out. What did that dentist do? Though we might not be a family of the “no cavity club” (even though we brush twice a day and floss daily and try hard to do mouth wash for kids) I have learned some lessons about dentists. We as parents are still in charge. Some dentists get a little too ambitious and maybe baby teeth should not be handled this way. I also think maybe a second opinion should have come into play. Lucy my six year old has lost five teeth and three of them have been because of that dentist. Our last visit to our new dentist all three girls had zero cavities.

I don’t know who was in the wrong the dentist or my teeth grooming but I think it was handled very poor. I hope my girls don’t lose all of their teeth because the tooth fairy is working overtime at our house. I will approach the dentist in a whole different manor and if I don’t feel comfortable about something I will change it. I have now found a dentist that suites me and my kids a little better.


Judi said...

Oh boy! What a horrible experience. I am so sorry that this happened. I acted all tough like, "I would have marched back there and told them to jump in a lake!" but I actually probably would have done exactly what you did. It is so hard when it comes to doctors and dentists! I always get intimidated.

Em Russ said...

oh man. I just took my kids to the dentist. Lila had a couple of fillings... I think in my entire life (including adulthood) I have only had a cavity free experience once or twice. I know which of your sisters got to hold that no cavities sign... let's just say that I was always jealous and I NEVER got to join her!

Rindi said...

So funny! And sorry about the no cavity club pictures! Just so you know, I hated having my picture taken and hanging on his wall! :)

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