Thursday, March 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to another FUN Friday with JUDI

I have been thinking a lot about our House lately. (we live in a cute 2 bedroom townhome, which feels huge compared to the hotel room that we lived in for the year before this!) We should I put this...old people furniture?!?!?

Here is a picture of our couch (donated to us from my Grandpa). You will also notice the extremely fashionable chair in the corner.  It is actually a really comfy chair.

Sometimes I wish that my living room looked like this...

We also have to fit all of our stuff (especially toys!) in 2 hall closets and 2 bedroom closets.  Needless to say we have things stored everywhere.  Our piano is under our stairs, our desk is in our kitchen, we have things under beds, between the couch and the wall, and along all the walls. 

Let's face it, if I had a bigger house, it would be more "put-together" and clutter free, like this beauty of a home office...

We have a slide in our living room, two pictures of horses running, a couple of plants left over from a bank closure, a treadmill handed down from my dear sister Rindi, a couple of lamps spray painted from my parents, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, a bunch of love and comfort that no amount of money, space, or design elements could bring.  We don't live in a house, we live in a HOME. 

I really feel this way.  I use to be slightly embarrased that I didn't have matching furniture or cute decorations.  When people came over I felt like I had to apologize for our lack of matching decor.  Not any more :)  If you come over to my house, my bathrooms will have been cleaned recently, my floor will probably have been vacuumed in the last 24 hours, toys will have been picked up for the millionth time that day, but my furniture won't match.  There will be things stored in every nack and cranny.  There will be a Notre Dame sign hanging on the wall reminding us to "Play like a champion Today" and there will be laughter and love, happiness and joy, and a whole lot of comfort!

I hope that we all enjoy our homes.  Home is where the Heart is, and my heart lies here with my two cutest munchkins and the hunka-hunka-burning love of a husband.  So when you are watching that next HGTV episode (LOVE HGTV...entered to win the dream home a million times), relax a little.  Your home doesn't have to look like that home, Your home doesn't have to look like your neighbors home, and Your home doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be Your Home!

(p.s. If you felt like laughing when you saw our furniture, it's ok...we do all the time! Sometimes we pretend like we are too old and crippled to get out of our old people furniture, it makes for a few good laughs!)


Jacob said...


That was awesome and so true! I think some ties I have were made with the same material from those couches! Haha. Hope all is well in the family!

Jake Barnes

Anonymous said...

Judi, That was so funny. Hey, You didn't mention that the chair in the corner is also a hand-me-down from Grandma and Grandpa Fowler. You just didn't remember because I first used them for 15 years. All of your furniture was very fashionable at one time. Maybe you can take comfort in that.

Home is where the Heart is. We all need that little reminder. Especially in the current world we live in. All of you have moved in the last year or year in half and you all have made a lot of changes but there is still love in the home and unity in your families. Love, Mom

Rindi said...

SO cute! You guys are adorable and that last picture is to die for! I love it. I totally agree with all of your feelings. All through medical school, I wanted a big sign in my front room that read, "Don't worry, I don't agree with this decorating either!" I just wanted people to know that we are laughing at the furniture and other decor as well. But those were really happy times and that is what matters!

Lisa Michelle said...

Love this post and love this picture. :)

weston's said...

Your boys are so cute. I will have to remember this when I get my stuff out of storage soon. I can promise you it will not be pretty. It will be so fun to make a home with our love not our stuff. I guess that is what we have been doing for the last couple of years.

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