Monday, March 28, 2011


Pacifier, Pacie, Binkie, Binks, Binkers, Mr. Binks, Mute Button, The Plug...I don't care what you call it, but at our house...
I know, I know after about six months babies don't need the sucking motion to sooth themselves, but I think that is a bunch of bologna...we NEED it around here.  I do agree though that some kids like it, and some kids don't.  Some little babies just don't take a binkie, Joni's little boy was that way, and believe me in the car we all wished he would.  Poor little guy.  
But Aurora did not come out like Clark.  She was a 'sucker' from the moment she's born.  They say there is one born a minute, and Aurora was the one born and 7:47 PM.  

Aurora - 1 week
When you have a baby they'll tell you not to give them a binkie for a week or two so they don't get 'nipple confusion' and so they'll nurse well.  But before I had Aurora my sister Sunee gave me this piece of advice; "Don't nurse them so they'll take the binkie!"  Now obviously we all nursed them and didn't starve our babies, but man, binkie's are a life saver during car rides, church and bed times.  
At the Zoo - Seven months Old
New Mexico with Katie's Family - 9 months
But now we are coming to a very hard time.  Aurora is almost fifteen months old, and in all reality she is probably getting a little old for a binkie.  We are trying our hardest to confine the binkie to what we call the three "C's" (Church, Car, Crib) but man it is hard.  Aurora screams A LOT and it is so nice to put the plug in when she's in a screaming mood.  Also Aurora is an excellent sleeper (figures, Sleeping Beauty) as long as she has her binks and blankie.  
Disneyland - 9 1/2 months
But in the end I know it will have to go eventually.  I always said I didn't want a kid talking in full sentences behind a binkie and here I am very close to that.  I guess I'll have to work on getting rid of it this week, of course except for the 3 C's!

The other day when I was visiting my parents my Dad started complaining about the picture I posted last week.
 He said, "If your going to take an adorable picture with matching apron's, take the dang binkie out first!"  I told him it's either a picture with the binkie or with a crying baby.  But looking back, most of the time we do take the binkie out first.  These pictures on this post are the few we didn't.  And I guess the crying isn't a good excuse...
Because sometimes the binkie doesn't help...
Here we are mid-pull, evidence that we usually try and remove Mr. Binks.

I hope other mothers out there sympathize with me!  I know Katie Holmes does, her kid is almost five and still walking around with a binkie!

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

It's going to be okay, Millie. It is usually the mother that needs the binkie and not the toddler. Aurora will be great without it. Try Laura's method. Cut a little off the end of her binkie each day until she doesn't like it and throws it away. Then you are not the bad guy. Good luck, Mom

Becca Jane said...

Oh my kids are/were addicted to their "dee-dee's" like a drug. Cam didn't give his up until he was almost 4...but he's the most articulate kid ever, so I didn't stress over it. Plus, he just woke up with day and said he was done with them. No fights, no tears. Easy. Roo still has hers, and I'm in no rush to get rid of it. Maybe I should be...but I'm just not. I don't want to deal with it!! She'll be done with it eventually and by then, my next baby will be hooked!! We LOVE binkies too!!!!

Clint said...

Millie I love the Binkie too. I remember feeling so afraid when we were taking it away. I didn't know how I would make it. After a couple of weeks you forget you ever had it. Good luck!

Kenzi Dawn said...

You were right about the aprons, Millie! So me!

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