Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend was the BEST Ever!  Robert, Aurora and I went to my parent's cabin in Island Park, Idaho with some of our best friends from high school.  Jake and I have been good friends since we were in seventh grade and we became friends with Kristen the next year, so the three of us have all been friends for over ten years.  We always said that we would be Best Friends Forever, and I know most kids say that, but it is awesome that we area all still really good friends. 
Left to right: Kristen &Clint; Robert &Aurora; Jake &Kendra (I was taking the picture)
In high school I had a lot of friends, enough to make a whole marching band, but at the core there were the five of us; me, Kristen, Jake, Moses (real name Kevin), and Robert.  We did almost everything together.  Kristen and I had sleep-overs all the time, we always went on double-dates, and went everywhere together.  Jake and Moses were like my brothers.  Sure we went on dates, but we never had crushes on each other.  As Jake once put it so perfectly, "Millie, I had a crush on you in seventh grade, but then you opened your mouth and started to talk."  That was just our relationship, we teased, we laughed, but we always loved each other and supported each other.  Yes we all were in the band and that's what brought us all together, but we had so much more in common.  We all shared a desire to be righteous and learn as much as we could.  All three boys knew they wanted to serve a mission for the LDS church and Kristen and I did everything we could to help them prepare. 
Aurora and I, There was A LOT of snow up there
Jake, Moses, Kristen and I all went to the same junior high school and were already a tight group going into high school, and then came Robert.  I was very worried how I could get my friends to include Robert and become friends with him, but it turned out that was easy.  All three of them accepted him and he became part of the group.  Jake and Moses used to always say that I was their sister and Robert was their brother-in-law (everyone knew Robert and I liked each other). 

Kristen and Aurora, they were good friends
As graduation approach I was a little nervous about the group's friendship; none of us were heading to the same place.  I was going to BYU, Jake to BYU-Idaho, Kristen to Weber State, Moses to Utah State and Robert straight to a mission.  I didn't know how we'd all stay friends, but I was determined we would.  I knew I would stay incontact with Robert, I planned on marrying him after all, and I knew Kristen would be easy to stay in touch with, girlfriends stick together.  Jake and Moses would stick together; they had been best friends since elementary school, but I knew I would have to write them while they were on their missions and then make things happen afterward.  As one last hurrah after high school we all went to my parents cabin.  We had an awesome time.  We ate, laughed, went bike riding and stayed up until two or three in the morning most nights.  We had such an awesome time, and my parents were the best hosts, they came with us of course.  After that trip we all went onto our summer jobs and then on to college and life.
Four of the original Five: Kristen, Robert, Millie, Jake, and Aurora standing in for Moses
Now we are all married.  And just how Jake, Moses, and Kristen accepted Robert back when we were fifteen, we've accepted each of the new spouses, and we love them.  Each of them married wonderful people and we all get along perfectly.  We all knew if our best friend could love this person, then of course we would love them too. 
Robert and Aurora, having fun in the snow!
It's amazing how much better your friendships can be when everyone is married to their perfect companions.  We are all so much happier and happier for each other.  It does wonders for your self-esteem to have a loving companion to support you in all you do, and your friends notice the difference. 
Aurora and I watching as the boys dig out our cars

So this weekend we had a senior trip reunion.  Kristen and her husband Clint came up from the Ogden, Ut area, Jake and Kendra from Rexburg, ID and Robert and I from Salt Lake City, Ut.  We were so sad that Moses and Chelsie couldn't make it up from Logan, Ut, they were sorely missed.  There was hardly an hour that went by that we didn't talk about something funny Moses once said or did.  We hope they can make it next time we get together. 
Same group with Kendra taking the picture
We're all in school now and we all have rather stressful lives, but it was so healing and theraputic to spend a couple of days with people you love, and have known for years.  We remembered good times, talked about our hopes and dreams, ate A LOT and rested a bunch.  I think we all came away from the weekend ready to face the world again. And we're trying to figure out how we can go on another trip together, we're thinking Disneyland...or maybe Hawaii...


Anonymous said...

Millie, fun post and really fun pictures. I am shocked at how much snow there is in Island Park. I hope you guys didn't freeze to death. I am so glad you had a great time. It is fun to dream but the cabin is such a good option because what you do at the cabin is enjoy each other. If you go to Disneyland you don't spend the time just being together. I am also glad you are home safe. Love, Mom

Jacob said...

Wow I totally loved this weekend! We so have to get together more often. I think I want to do my internship in Utah definitely now. I think I might be graduating faster than I thought too :)

Rindi said...

Oh, looks so fun! I miss my high school friends... I'm glad you guys got to get together. The snow looks awesome too!!!
Love, Rindi

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