Monday, February 7, 2011


Welcome to Katie's Krazy Life. Oh I am sad that football season is over. I grew up playing lots of sports, but I love to watch football. We watch it as a family, we watch it with friends and use it as an excuse to have parties. We LOVE BYU football. It was so fun when they came to New Mexico this year for the New Mexico bowl. We made a whole day of it with our friends. It was so fun to cheer for BYU!

We had so much fun meeting the players after. They are so much bigger than they look on the field. It was perfect football weather too. Oh ya and we won by alot!!!

We also are huge BRONCOS fans. Even when they aren't very good we love to cheer on Denver. We were sad they didn't make the playoffs, so we began cheering for Green Bay! Our friends had a fun super bowl party. It was so much fun. We all cheered and ate and enjoyed the wonderful company. I am very interested in making cakes right now. So I designed a cake and made it for our party. It took me five hours, but it turned out great.

Now football season is over and I can't wait for it to come around again. Only seven more months......sigh.......Do you watch the Super bowl for the game or the commercials?


Eardley Family said...

Cute Cake Katie!!! I love your pictures! Go Cougars!!

milbert said...

Awesome cake Katie! I couldn't even think how to pull that off, it's so detailed. I love football because it brings the family together. I love BYU football, but I like seeing everyone more.

Em Russ said...

How fun that you guys have started this blog. I have missed you all and it will be fun to hear about your lives!

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